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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gospel Twang Radio

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From a normal person's perspective, how should I say it? What sort of feeling does it evoke? For instance, which scenes left the biggest impression on you? Director, what would I know? It's ok, just tell me. But, director, Yes? The content is so out of date. Who would want to watch something like that? What's all that pretending for? Earning a living is already hard enough. Why would they come to this mountainous area? A sick girl should be in Seoul finding a way to deal with the situation. And also, that "I love you", followed by her death is so corny and old fashioned. I can't even say it. It's because her feelings needed to be dealt with. It's because you don't watch these sort of things much. No, I watch TV frequently. I also watch cable TV. There's odd channels here ok. Oh yeah! Director, I know you're filming, but you can't just chop trees down as you wish. Trees? Chopped some for the outcome of the scenes. I don't understand about the scenes or not. But you're going against the law protecting the forest. If you were reported, the fine is around , won. That my be a tree classified under the year commeration program. You didn't know that right? I knew that. Before you leave, you have to replant them all. You?! Online Radio. You are really an idiot. What? Give you some dyes and you are even using it to open a dyehouse. Since when did you give me dyes? Don't live like that! Wherever you go, people will dislike you and expel you. Do you think you'll live here in this mountainous village until you die? To earn a living you need to interact with society. Talking without manners like that without even considering that you can't find a job. I found a job. What job would Online Radio You found a job? I've already found one. Where? You don't need to know. I'll be getting busy then. What's with her? It's really only for a month. Only one month. The wage I'll receive can pay for your surgery right away. Then mom, you won't have stomach aches anymore. You'll fully recover. Mom, are you angry? Why would I be angry? Mommy's angry again.

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