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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gospel Jazz Radio

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It really suits you. Hit music bought this for me. I've always been the pink queen. It's almost spring. People say that pink compliments my skin tone well. That's right. It suits you well. Where did you get the wild herbs from? Oh, these? Because I was going to the market today, I planned to sell these. Part time job. Because my mother is sick. She needs surgery. Anyway, I've basically saved enough for the surgery fees. But do you need any wild herbs? I'll sell it to you for cheap. I'm just kidding. I'll give it to you for free. Also, do you have any job to offer me? Besides cooking, I also can do energy exerting jobs. Does that feel like a burden too? If so, then take that as a joke too. A joke. Let's go. Go on in. Excuse me. If you come to Seoul, call me. Whether you're there for fun, or if you need a job. What? A job? Did you just say a job? You mean employment? Didn't you say you needed to save up for a surgery? But.. I.. someone like me.. can.. Is there a job I can do? Well, there probably isn't. Online Radio! Mom! Mom, why did you come out here for? Online Radio! I thought you wouldn't make it back tonight. Why wouldn't I make it home? Have you had dinner? Have what dinner? Come on. No, I'll hold it. A bit brighter please. Understand? Have you eaten yet? Hey, Internet Radio. Excuse me, my name isn't Internet Radio, it's Online Radio. Online Radio, Online Radio, Online Radio. Online Radio. You can't be like that. Your mom isn't well, and you're still going out and having fun? You can't be like that. Where did you go yesterday? Online Radio, it's your first time seeing people on the set right? Yes. I'm preparing a lengthy movie. So, I'm filming this one first as warm up. Although this is only a Music Video, but the content and publicity is more profound right? Today is already the last filming session. When it's complete, I'll send you a tape. Do you have a video player at home? Other people think that Music Videos aren't "in". I don't think so. How is it? How does it feel watching people film? It's amazing right? Online Radio, you've been watching us film all this time.

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