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Monday, March 31, 2014

GotRadio Hot Hits

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I'm sick of keeping quiet about the crap he's done and the stuff that he hasn't. I'm sick of him tracking us down every time he loses a job Online Radio so he can buy you presents Online Radio to make you think he's actually a father because he's not. He's a user, a loser and I am not gonna let him turn you into one. Now get your ass in that room and start packing! Last one. Cover with ABD pads. I'll write postop notes. So you saw the whole thing happen? Yeah, her car broke down. I stopped to help. She's lucky. Most people would've carried on driving. We've got an audience. Must be the husband. I'll go talk to him. How soon before she wakes up? That's hard to say. Online Radio? Yes. I'm Dr. Internet Radio Online Radio. I was with your wife at the scene of the accident and during her surgery. I'm gonna check back in with you later. Is she gonna be all right? She suffered massive internal injuries, and she lost a lot of blood. Oh, God. But we were able to stop the bleeding Online Radio and we' re confident that she's gonna pull through. But her legs were severely injured Online Radio and orthopedic surgeons were not able to salvage them. What? We had to amputate. In both legs? I'm sorry. Yeah, I took it a couple weeks ago. Lockhart, Abigail. I mean, I should've gotten them by now, right? Aren't you supposed to send them to my home address? We sent them to your work address. You' re kidding. Yeah, I will. Hey, Frank. If I received a letter here, would you tell me? Hell, no. If a letter came, it would be filed alphabetically Online Radio in the mail drawer with everyone else's crap. As if I didn't have enough to do. Excuse me. I'm looking for a patient. Last name, Gould. Let's see if he's awake. Mr. Gould? Who the hell is that? It's your former student. Hey, Mr. Gould. Ed Minyard? I had you for algebra. In both ' and ' . Flunked you because you didn't follow directions on your final. Yeah, that'd be me. What are you doing here? I teach at Larchmont now. Math, which is kind of karmic. Someone called the school, told us about your situation. I've reviewed all the written testimony, and I have followup questions.

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