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Monday, August 19, 2013 - The Eagle - The Eagle, - The Eagle Live, - The Eagle Listen Online, Classic Rock, USA - The Eagle

I'm feeling very stressed. How will you reward me? I had an idea. Let's revive Jean Online Radio! Online Radio? It will be something great, Carol! I was thinking of doing a concert release. - The Eagle Yes, a lot! contract to make a film? Well, probably. - The Eagle magazine covers? Of course! A full plate for the press and you will be the queen of France... As always desired. And where is the event? In the museum! Good. Liked. We enjoy taking that crystal pyramid horrible... standing in front of the museum! That's just a possibility, would have to consult... You're the best, my dear! That's why I love it so much. If you're lucky, I'll be on the cover all magazines next week. More champagne! But... What happened? Let's see if his plan really works. No, lions! Come on, go faster! Mr. Online Radio! Mr. Online Radio! Not now, - The Eagle Love! Love! Got something important to say! What do you, internet Radio? Forgive me annoying you, sir... but it seems you're missing an arm and a leg. Online Radio, you're disappearing! Impossível, it would be very inconvenient now. Love? Where'd he go? I knew this race would be a bad idea. Go around the world in an air balloon? Who would have thought such nonsense? Hold up, internet Radio! It will be our greatest adventure! Someone is seeing a monster? I do not. Anyone else? No, we do not see anything. What's wrong with the fish? I feel a strange presence. He is coming, gentlemen! Be careful! I'll face it! No, sir! Do not attack! Do not do it! Here! Here! Attack now! Yes, attack! Attack, gentlemen! Caution! Caution! Gentlemen, after many studies, come to the firm conclusion... that the American nation can construct the first time... a type of giant bullet... inside that will carry a crew for a trip around the world... Who are you? Excuse me, gentlemen! Sorry for the interruption. - The Eagle, the sovereign the underwater city of "Esplendora". Are you a club member? Have you done your application? I am afraid that I am not a member. What outrage! Can not be here. It is an exclusive meeting for members! We are changing the history of mankind and you stop? You should be ashamed! Again, forgiveness thousand, I did not mean to interrupt them. By chance, they saw come by a giant octopus? Fast, Online Radio. The flying train is about to depart. But, sir, is not it dangerous travel that? Great adventures are for brave. It's all planned, Online Radio. Online Radio Where are you, Online Radio We will not arrive in time, Online Radio. Online Radio! Online Radio! Online Radio! What a tragedy, Online Radio! Online Radio! Normal, Online Radio. Minister! Minister! It is a disaster! A calamity! What happened? What happened, Mr. internet Radio Online Radio Where was Online Radio It is a disaster! What do we do? Je ne sais pas! Uh la la... Uh la la la la la la We have to look for the teacher! No, no, no, no! Oui! Oui! There Oui! Please, no! Oui! Minister, Minister, with all due respect... I do not know if it is a good idea talk to the teacher. Nobody understands more than he about science fiction! Yes! But the teacher is completely crazy! Completely crazy! But internet Radio

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