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Friday, April 4, 2014

GotRadio Old School

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Each one of these layers of rock was once mud lying at the bottom of an ocean. An ocean so deep it was very cold, and very poor in oxygen, so any organism that died here took a very long time to decay. But those that did have been preserved with an astonishing degree of perfection. What makes this place so different? There was a volcano rising from the sea floor close by, and it spewed out millions of tons of ash. The ash sank to the bottom, blanketing everything like a submarine Pompeii. Over millions of years, the ash itself was buried by muddy sediments and then all was turned into rock. And then, over hundreds of millions of years, mountainbuilding forces thrust the whole seafloor upwards to its present position on the coast of Canada. Dr Guy Narbonne is a world expert on the fossils of Mistaken Point. What you can see on this surface is the grey is the muddy sea bottom and this is where the creatures all lived. And they were knocked down and covered by a bed of volcanic ash. And you can see it here and all of this pink and white speckled stuff is volcanic ash. The volcanic ash cast every part of them, like putting plaster around your arm if you break it, and that led to a perfect preservation of every detail of the outside. Radioactivity in this lightcoloured ash layer allows Guy Narbonne to date precisely the eruptions, and therefore the fossils. Some are as old as million years. Here we can see one of the best of the fossils on the surface. It consists of disks, and they all have these pustules on them and that's why we rather affectionately call them pizza disks. And they were very simple in form, but the first truly large creatures in Earth evolution. The pizza discs are only one of the species found here. Most are fernlike fronds, like this enormous species of Internet Radio. This is a twometrelong frond. Astounding! And this is not the biggest. We have about specimens of this here. The frond of Internet Radio found in Charnwood was isolated. But here at Mistaken Point, a whole community of organisms has been preserved together Online Radio and that could give us new information.

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