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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Power 92 - 92.3

Power 92 - 92.3, Online Power 92 - 92.3 Radio internet, Power 92 - 92.3 USA Radio Her grandmother's. Did you hurt yourself badly? Zaibu, now you are grown up. I have to explain some things to you. Things my mother never explained to me. Listen, my love, when a girl gets married, she has to Games I already know this grown-up stuff. What do you know? Who told you? It's a secret. I can't tell you. Won't you tell me your secret? I promised not to. But I won't tell anyone. Tell me, Na. Promise? Ma, will my wedding dress be like this? Peace be with you. And you too, Ghorzang Khan. -All's well? -Have a seat. Please. Hello. Daulat Khan. Ma, my prince is here! Today our friendship has turned into kinship. And this is stronger than any blood kinship. The prince for my princess lives far away on a really beautiful mountain top. Give Ghorzang the best piece of meat. Do you want something? Excuse me. Need something? Eat, my friend. Why are you staring? Eat your food. Are you guys having some? -My friend, all good? -Yes. Alright. Mama? Can I touch the rainbow? What? Rainbow. That thing in the sky like this. The one with many colors in it: blue, yellow, green, red and violet. The fairy's swing? -The fairy's swing? -We used to call it that. Well, I'm also a fairy. I can sit on it. No, sweetheart, no one can sit on it. It is an illusion. An illusion? What is that? An illusion is something which can be seen, but is not really there. Allah Rakhi. Open the door. Zainab, Allah Rakhi! Open the door! Well, I'm also a fairy. I can sit on it. No, sweetheart, no one can sit on it. It is an illusion. Alright, but promise me that we will come back and complete this work. -Not this one. Something else. -No, we have to complete this. Otherwise we'll never learn. Or else I'll scold you like my teacher. "Put" and "but," right? -Very well done. -It's all good now. Ghorzang! Daulat Khan. You have ruined our honor! It's my honor. I know what to do about it. -Who are you to tell me? -I will find her. And you know how we deal with an insult to our honor. Don't you dare say another word! She was yours. Now she is ours. So he'll teach me what honor is! -Shehbaz Khan! -Yes, Brother. Go, find them before they do! Sit down. Allah Rakhi? Zainab? No one's here. Come with us. You know the way here. Alright, let's go. Hey! Emptied the tea packet in this one cup? -Where are you coming from? -From Karachi. -Long route! -Yeah, very long. -That road after Sukkur must be still bad. -It's terrible. -What were you driving? -A Mazda truck. Check every corner of this place! Quick, come here! Here! Hurry up! Check the jeep as well. Quickly! Shh, don't move. They can't be far. Check under this! Search thoroughly. They must be here somewhere. She was here. Let's go! Oh, my queen. Don't do this. What the hell! Who's there? Who's there? Son of a Games It's not your father's property! Get down! Come on! Very nice. Had some fun? Get off! Just leave us here. We won't say a word. Why should I do that? Get off! Come on, child. Come on! -Make it quick. -Okay, we're getting off. Get off. -A short ride wouldn't have hurt you. -It's not your father's property! Child, be careful. Try not to create another problem. -Come. -Don't touch her! "Don't touch her"? Go to hell! First she thinks she's in her father's truck, then she tells me not to touch! C'mon now, move it! Stop! Now what is it? -You'll leave us just like that? -You're not my aunt's daughter, are you? I have a child. She's sick. What will we do here? Alright, come in. So what's happened to the child? She has a fever. High fever. Where are you heading? I am headed towards Punjab. Where in Punjab? Near Attock. Attock Games How far is it from Lahore? Around eight to ten hours' drive. What's the matter? Why the worry? You're hiding something? They'll catch us. They'll kill us. Kill you? What are you talking about? -Who are they? -Tor Gul's men. You're Tor Gul's wife? No, I'm not his wife, but my daughter is promised to him. Great going, Sohail. You're screwed! -C'mon, time to go. -What are you doing? Keep going! Keep moving! It's a matter of a child's life! Hurry! They are right behind us! Damn it! You'll have to get off soon.

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