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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Star 99.7 Fm

Star 99.7 Fm, Online Star 99.7 Fm Radio internet, Star 99.7 Fm USA Radio If you stop, I swear I will kill her first and then myself. -Go fast! -Are you crazy? Give it to me! Keep driving! Leave this! Drive faster, they are coming! Have you gone nuts? We're already in such trouble! Get out of my way! Listen to me now, carefully. Check every bit of this truck. Peace be with you. Yes, sir? Shut up. And step back. People who lie to me Games I take out their intestines like this. Now tell me where you have hidden them. There's no one here. I get it. You're looking for a child and mother. Right? How do you know? I found them hiding up there. And made them get off. Did they say where they were going? No, we didn't talk. I'm already late. But they could be headed to Kashli. Alright then. Peace be with you. Come out. Are they gone? First, come out. By the way, do you know where you're headed? There must be a place where they can't find you. It's difficult to shake off Tor Gul. He'll find you wherever you go. You should have thought before running. Do you have a daughter? No. Then you can't understand. I can take you as far as Attock. After that, you'll have to manage on your own. Ma? No. Not here, Zaibu. There's no place for girls here. The truck can't stop. We can stop. There's a rest stop coming up. No, please keep going. Don't get out till I tell you. It's better no one sees you here. I'll be right back. Azam, my brother! Sohail, you bastard! Where have you been? -How's it going? -I'm good. You really disappeared, eh? -All is good? -Yeah, with the grace of God. -And little Rubab? -Yes, she's well. -Work is going well? -By God's grace, all is well. Let's have some tea. Bring the tea! He's grown so tall! How are you, son? A child's marriage has caused a furor in Nishtar village. Mother and child have been missing since yesterday. A search for them is under way. Feroze Khan is in Nishtar. -Feroze, what is the child's age? -Let me go check. Yes, Fatima. The child was a student in class five. We have been unable to reach the family. Ma Games you promise you won't be angry? It's all wet. Zaibu! Let's go. Have some food. I've also ordered "rosh" for you. -Sorry, I have to leave. -But you've only just arrived! Stay here. Let's sit in the sun. Something urgent came up. Have some food at least. It's urgent. I'm actually thinking of leaving this business. You'll get double for Karachi. I know. I know. Get up, Zainab! Leave it! -Gotta go. -What's this, man? I told you to not get off until I said so! What was the big hurry? -Actually, Zainab- -What about Zainab? News about you has spread. The media is in your village. It's the same mother and daughter. She called the girl "Zainab." -Where are you? -Behraam Hotel in Sikanderabad. There's a truck driver with them. Sohail Malik. Truck number . We'll be there soon. What's this smell? I'll clean it up. What did the news say? I'll tell you, but first let's get out of here. Have a seat. -You are? -Mir Azam Khan. How long have you known Sohail? He's my childhood friend. When was the last time you saw him? It's been a while. In fact, it's been several months. Really? Have you seen this woman with him? Never saw her before, I swear. -I really hate people who lie to me. -I swear I'm not lying. -Come, let's have a talk. -What are you doing? Let's move. Looks like the storm is coming. There's no more time to waste. I want the path cleared. Tor Gul's time is up. I can't go further than this. My orders have changed. I will find them. You go. Brother, Allah Rakhi tricked us. She had already made a plan, and is with some truck driver. What are you saying, Shehbaz Khan? I'm telling you the truth. She is with a truck driver. Listen, Shehbaz Khan. I don't want anything else. I just want my daughter back! My daughter! Don't you worry. When I find them, I will kill her. What's wrong? C'mon, my queen! It's stopped now. Everything okay? I'll be back. Hold it. C'mon, sweetheart! We have to go on foot now. Open the door. Get out. What happened? Can I ask you something? You Games Who are you? What does it matter? Why know me? Well, I'll know something at least. I was Games when I ran away from the orphanage. I hiked my way to Kabul Games to become a mujahid. I spent five years in their camps Games and finally became a mujahid. But Games this state of war is like a sickness. It consumed me. One day, I was in a bazaar Games and this woman walked by. I could only see her hands. I don't know what happened to me. I started following her. She found out I was following her. One day she caught me, and said that if I were to marry her Games I would have to leave the war. So then Games I left the war. She Games She got sick Games and passed away. She is no more. That's when I became a truck driver. What's your story? I don't even know your name. What will be my story? My father used to tell me that when I was in the womb, he used to have bad dreams. When I was born, he consulted with an elder and named me "God Protects." I was married when I was Games to my father's side of the family. After that Games After that my story ends. All these years, my husband never let me see my mother. I don't know how she must be now. Even now I can't see her. I know they will reach her house soon. Well, Allah Rakhi is a nice name. Allah Rakhi? Come on. It's morning. Zaibu? Get up sweetheart. The sun will come up soon. Come. -Oh, my friend! -Welcome, my brother. -How are you, Zarak? -How are you? -I am fine. What about you? -All good. Peace be with you. This is my friend I was talking about. Welcome. You won't have to worry about anything now. We will protect you here. -Thank you. -Come. Alright then, my guys brought your truck back safely. How do I thank you, man? You forget Kabul. I'm the one who owes you. You left the war, but looks like it never left you. Ma? Ma! Like this, and then this. First throw this, then pick this up. It's not really working. Let's throw them all together. This is not the way to play. I'm showing you a new game. Carry on. So Games -Slept well? -Too much, I think. It's so peaceful here. And so beautiful. Indeed. You wanna take a walk? It's okay, she'll be fine. Come on. We're going for a walk nearby.

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