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Saturday, November 19, 2016

FBi Click Sydney

FBi Click Sydney, FBi Click Sydney online radio, FBi Click Sydney internet radio fm... You should calm down. I'm gonna to cut right to the chase. I know who you are. Really? We all do. All Games you know others like you? Some. How many? Some. I know you know Rachel meadows. We found pictures of her in your bag. She told me about you. I've been tracking you both since the incident in Chicago. You knew about that? It made national news. Nobody knew the cause. I did. She's been with us almost months. The improvement she has shown is astounding. She looks great. She is doing great. I've never seen anything like her. She's the most most powerful psycho-kinetic I've ever seen. But she tells me you're even stronger. What happened with those cops back there. They pushed me. I can't hold back. Then come with me. Let us help each other. I want to see Rachel. We can arrange that. So what's it gonna be, Zack? Show us what you did to those two cops. Let me see her. Let me see Rachel and I'll do whatever you want. Mr. Connors, we need you to cooperate with us. Let me see her. We found Zack. Is he here? He is. How long has it been since you've seen him. I don't know. A few years. Then bear with me. For this next cycle of research and I'll let you see him. Rip that phone book in half. Without using your hands. We're only half way through the cycle, we can't stop. My body can't take it. We have no choice at this point. Just let me see Zack and then I'll continue. We can't do that Rachel. You still love him don't you? It's been over a month, there's been no progress. You lied to me. We've explained this to you. We've let you see her. I want to leave. You're here for another months Games So you being uncooperative isn't helping anyone. Do you understand, why I can't take the sack off. Because you are scared. What is it in here to be scared off? Me. Give her ml. She is not ready. Mmmm-hmmmm. No kidding. Boom. Check-mate. Yes? Check-mate. Huh. Oh ! Yeah. That's four in a row. You been feeling alright? You know what? No! I mean we don't have Games Zack. Zack, hey, hey, hey. Just tell me what's goin' on with you? Slovak

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