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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gorilla Radio Pyrmont

Gorilla Radio Pyrmont, Gorilla Radio Pyrmont online radio, Gorilla Radio Pyrmont internet radio fm... room in the resident house. We have a situation! This is Slovak, what's going on? Vince is in there with meadows. She's going absolutely bat. I'll be there in a second. Jesus. Goddamn. Somebody help! Goddammit. Get it out. Get it out of me. Come here. Come here! You see what you make me do when you don't listen? That's a girl. That's a good girl. Is Potter alright? She is fine. Why the hell was her sack off. She went ape and tore it off. You're lucky this wasn't worse. I know. I know. She could have gotten out. You know what would happen if she got out? Yeah I know. Good. So don't let it happen again. Okay. Okay. Okay. Slovak. Alright? It's doctor Slovak, understand? Alright. I'm sorry, doctor. Jesus, I'm sorry. Alright? Take her out and put her on my couch. Hurry up. You can't run away from me now. I'm the only thing you have. Goddammit. I gotta leave work early today. Gotta take the kids, we gotta drive all the way to Washington. We went to like Games Six department stores yesterday Games To find him a suit, because he is so tiny. It was great, and he looks like Games His father standing there Games That sounds brilliant. That's great. Hang on. I got it. Rise and shine, Connors! What the ? Aah. Don't move. I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to know. Is Rachel in Slovak's house? Good. Zack! What the ? -Sshhh! Listen! We have to hurry! What? -Get the up and put clothes on. Now! I'm getting my abilities back. Maddigan told me where Rachel is. She is at Slovak's house. What if Slovak is there? I hope he is. ! Connors. Hey. Stop it. Drop it. Zack. Don't move. Hey. Zack. You're gonna stay right there. Zack! No! Son of a bitch. Here. You'll need this more than me. Zack. Let's go. Oh . Yes? Dr. Slovak, it's Jim at the front gate. We have a problem. What kind of problem? Come on. Do you have eyes on Vince? Vince and ray are down. I'll take care of this. Goddamn! I've got a bad feeling about this, Zack. What do you think you're doing, Connors. I'm getting Rachel and we're getting the out of here. I don't think so.

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