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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WMGJ 1240 AM Gadsden

WMGJ 1240 AM Gadsden, Online WMGJ 1240 AM Gadsden Radio internet, WMGJ 1240 AM Gadsden USA Radio in Sydney in a couple of weeks. I'll stop by Hawaii on the way back. Okay? Okay. Thank you. I'll see you soon. Hey Dad. Did you get the e-mail I sent you with the photos? I was hoping you could delete them. What are you doing? Sit down. Your e-mail is being monitored. So? Well, it's different now. It's not passive collection. It's full tape surveillance. It's your all of your e-mails, calls, texts, social media. Everything. It's also possible that the house is bugged. I'm not sure. By who? By a senior officer at the CIA. You in trouble? Is it the Chinese thing? Look, there's things that I wish I could tell you but I can't because you could get very hurt. What's keeping you safe is that you don't know anything. I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't want any of this for you. But I know you would think I was doing the right thing. So just listen to me for a sec, okay? When we go back in the house, everything has to appear normal. We're gonna act like nothing is changed. But if you do notice something that's weird, you need to tell me right away. And you're gonna use encrypted e-mail that I'm setting up for you. I don't think I can do this. Yes, you can. I know you can. Do I even have a choice? I'm asking you to trust me. Linz, I think it'd be best if you went back to Maryland for a while. Tell your parents that I'm away on a business trip. And that you're homesick. Are you going away? Yes, but just for a little while. No, I can't go. Please, just until I get back? I can't go. You just said that we have to appear like nothing's changed. If both of us left at the same time, wouldn't that seem suspicious? I will do this for you. But it is the last time. We will meet in the mall, opposite the Mira Hotel, on the Monday two weeks from now. I will be holding a Rubik's cube. More to follow Radio You hear about Trevor, bro? You know that op to own the Internet in Syria? Yeah, Trevor and his TIO team crashed the core router. The whole country has gone dark. Jesus Christ. Figure it out! Poor bastards. Okay, I'm gonna, uh, I gotta get to work. Yeah, yeah, me too. Oh, hey. How's Heartbeat coming? It's close. It's very close. Don't tell me you're involved in this too. Well, Trevor roped me into going through the zero day exploit codes. It's a big mess, man. Why did I agree to it? Good luck. Hung 'em like and out to dry. Yeah. Trouble with the Navy? One of those idiots ripped some bull piece of Israeli Code and jammed it down our payload. You ' believe that? Script kiddies? I know, I know. I should have listened to you. Goddammit. Is this it? Here this is it. I'm making goddamn Israelis take the fall for this. I'm not taking the fall for this. Patrick. I might not see you again. You gonna leave me here Radio with Captain America? Thanks a lot. The NSA may come after you. I don't know what you're talking about. You headed home already? Yeah. I'm not feeling so well. Might not be in tomorrow either. You know, Trevor's kinda busy, maybe you could let him know for me? Yeah, it'd be my pleasure. You know, if you're uh, if you're really not feeling well, dude, maybe you should go back to the States and see your doctor. I think that, you know, folks would understand that. Sounds like a smart thing. Take care of yourself. Yeah, you too, bro. Hey, you ever play with one of these? Yeah, when I was a kid. You should try it. It's hard. I can't figure this out. I don't know about this. You gotta start with a white cross, actually, then you do the corners. Ah man, well I love these things. Hey, have a good weekend, man. You too, buddy. It's live. WEDNESDAY, June , There's a link to the FISA court order. Well done, Janine. I told you she was no pushover. Well, it feels so goddamn good to be wrong. NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily. Breaking news tonight. Reports that through a secret court order, the Obama administration is collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon customers. That's been reported by The Guardian newspaper in the UK. They said court order shows that all the information is going to the National Security Agency.

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