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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Radio BBC FM

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New York Now the bank no awareness in this respect He is crazy Get this This is a former Bank experts, after it quits He and Jamie are neighbors, then they know He did not see the crisis He thought the whole world would collapse Ben [Ben Rui Kete] sausage, great You know, everyone in doubt me You should hold your ground you are doing economy We've seen such a thing before this time have to see what the I'm talking about those legal, health resources You have to know game Do not say The big banks have had work experience Jimmy and Charlie no experience in this area But I do not want to do this thing Bank We talk about the digital bar Forget figures These figures are useless you here ah You have to come well, we'll come immediately to I hate it, too tired Come on, you can be patient it I do want to say is worthless I'm going to look at the market situation in Miami Please do not come lightly I just want to eat the good stuff Hey? Hey? What do you want? Hello, I am looking for Harvey Hansen I was the bank staff You're looking for his dog? He registered with the dog's name? I think so, that bastard did not pay? I've paid the rent yes, he extended the days really? I have to move it? I just go to school children hello Hello, sir do you do This is something you should talk to the landlord sorry, I do not wish you happiness Full of books books? Really, nothing, right? You should contact him Give him a call I have already paid Hey? Are empty even television have moved away strange He did not clean up [Overdue payment notice] God A mess we have to spend money to clean up damn it It has dropped which look something busy Yes we will immediately process Good damn We have no confidence in the current economic situation Please explain why, as we all know there is a chance Virtually no bubbles impossible But no one noticed it The bubble began from But there is not broken your argument right This way you do not like to do finance I understand what you mean Well, well, you do not know to learn To be honest I'm not optimistic I do not know how to do it I only know numbers person how much worse now? One-third the rest of it? Looking back ten million total over eighty-nine This is my first time to do it Look at it, they will not give money This is the same Our funds have five hundred million five thousand five hundred white Wan? Six years gone In our company Yes, but not to the worst thing when What you say Do you think there will be a conservative estimate of how much? If your argument tenable My day No, this is a big loss But if they believe in my words I recommend them game No one believes you I have given some people sent a message telling them The brunt of the real estate market Then the credit industry, that's for sure People will throw money The idea is stupid If you lose too many customers Other economic forces will also be affected Have put them all into account Wait You want us to give up Customer? Damn, asshole Michael Get my money back Do you hear me, I want to get my money back Get my money back You bastard Now the market is a little unstable Like they say, there will be a stable time The house I sold a flat $ Two years after prices doubled several times The couple bought here last year, Right now and why he sell it? He was unemployed You already know the right These are just like the surface The left side of the house is almost a lot of people who want to buy a house I have to say it was your idea How do we want? I have to talk to my wife this was decided by her In fact, what is your recommendation for people? Yes, of course with the Guy like me Then the bank over there how? This is still under discussion among us, not easy to handle It should be more complex How much do you lend month? About Four years ago it? - I did not do this yes ah Such a situation you have? almost I'd say ninety percent High interest a few years ago Is very high it recently changed is it? I think I did, but and you think there is a future? We are engaged in private credit No income, there is no work, no way Such a thing can be understood I think we can understand

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