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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Radio Inspiration FM 107.8

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else into the CDO [CDO, collateralized debt obligations] CDO? What's that Take the group did not sell the B, BB grade loans A pile If the heap high enough it will suddenly collapse These companies give so high but does not ask A repeat CDOs This is important, because the housing crisis will become a national disaster These are money Well, I was chef Sunday I booked Friday fish, which is sold short Some fish have been sold, I do not know why I did not want to sell all the fish in the trash Bear the loss? Impossible, as the chef anyway I sell Will be thrown into the seafood stew watching, this is not the old fish Are the best, the key is to re-use That is CDO How could this be Exploration in this area has not You are the first to discover the So mortgage is dog feces This is unavoidable Yes, that's right According to the present situation did not last and perhaps nothing in return Say no, you think the government will turn a blind eye for these things do Do you think this is true? Yes, this is to be expected They think it was a bubble As long as these aspects of a problem It is so what? This is the US housing market You're a genius Shut your mouth Ok He is playing us He just wants us to be afraid If he is right? Do you think that? Banks close our two percent interest We can not enough money Then the guy said the market will be volatile I was able to profit, yes, I think he is right How do we know what he said is not false no way, he said, all too real I would not buy a car We'll see This is a very simple two-question the existence of a housing bubble? It can affect the bank? We'd better figure that out, or else would be finished Take care, take care You do not say I have to be ready It's not a big deal Is that you? Hey yes, yes I'm Charlie I'm Jamie We are honored to be here nice, sit Well, I have to ask a few questions How did you find us? From the Internet What are you research? financial Yes How much can talk about it? We now have thirty million, but four years ago, only ten million So good results We want to reach a larger platform very good [ISDA protocol: a means to make cheap finance division sell high items] [Many people have damaged] Fantastic thank you But you need a threshold how much? . billion seventy million, many of the This looks a lot better I know it's a bit strange, but You can continue to work hard ah Well, I wish you a happy thank you Damn What does this mean he? They say that is completely despise us Such a thing is completely useless I think I can do the I'm gone Gentlemen You gotta go good, we walked Look at this, this guy He said that the housing market is a bubble Well, this part is more ridiculous This is our own thoughts this is crazy This is a very crazy idea, you see He thought the whole housing market will collapse Ben They did not realize that this is true They began to run from his own studio Our plan was simple People do not want trouble Their plan is simple and talented what did he say? They feel it is not possible This is small-minded approach Their performance is good, but we now have to go to

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