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Thursday, February 13, 2014

From Bourbon to Beale Radio

From Bourbon to Beale Radio, From Bourbon to Beale Radio Live, Listen Online, Blues Radio, USA

I've got to take a leak. Good to know. By the way, I was right. About what? About how good you'd look in a dress. * I've got the frequency to turn you on, hey Online Radio Something you done to keep it on, hey Online Radio Hey * Step, step, step, cha! Step, step, step, cha! This is so cheesy and so much fun. * If we could live in this moment Online Radio Then you would know Online Radio That every line I ever said was meant to grow Online Radio I traded all of my chances Online Radio And now I see * Up close, you're really tall. Yup. Up close, your hair smells nice. Really? It's this new shampoo. It has jojoba oil in it. Oh, wow. Web Radio, thanks for making me come. You Online Radio saved my night. I'm always here for you. From Bourbon to Beale Radio After all this time Online Radio Now that I Online Radio Have finally found me * Internet Radio, there you are. I am so sorry. * Now the sun is shin Online Radio From Bourbon to Beale Radio You'll never guess what happened. Look, I know you're mad. This is me annoyed. You don't want to see me mad. I would have been there at :, but some stupid kids let the air out of all my tires. You could have called. I can't find my phone. I've looked everywhere. You couldn't find another phone? I didn't have her number, not like it's any of your business. Don't you dare talk to him like that. While you were out thinking up lame excuses, he was there for me. That's my phone. I think it's echoing off the walls. It could be anywhere. No, it's close. Just Online Radio Web Radio. Dude, you stole my phone? Why would I do that? I already have a phone, Beau. It must've fallen in there. Wait here. Web Radio, what's going on? I overheard him talking in the locker room. He was planning on taking you to a hotel room. So you deflate his tires and steal his phone? Sounds a little crazy when you say it like that Online Radio but I did it to protect you, Internet Radio. Protect me? You ruined my first date, and I can never have a first date again. No, listen. You can't trust him. Can't trust him? I can't trust you. I thought we were friends. We are friends, but I have Just stay out of my life, Web Radio.

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