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Thursday, February 13, 2014

FSN News Bulletin

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Let's go. Internet Radio! Whoaho! I'm so trashed, for a second I thought you were Internet Radio. It's me, Online Radio. Nice try. You wouldn't come to a dance Online Radio unless you're a narc. Is this a bust? I'm not a narc. I'm here on a date. Do you mind? No, actually, I'm glad you're here. I feel way less lame now. You want some? It's medical. I have early stage glaucoma. I told you I smelled something illegal. FSN News Bulletin It's getting much too easy to resist you * Whoohoo! Yeah! * And when you're gone, it's hard to listen Online Radio All the tears I ever cried Online Radio All the lies you'd love to try Online Radio Everything's been said and done Online Radio You're out again I hope you're having fun Online Radio Baby Online Radio 'Cause I ain't having none Online Radio Not gonna be your plaything anymore * So, where do you want to go? I don't care. Just drive. I do have that hotel room. FSN News Bulletin Take me home. Okay. Are you up? Yeah. I had the worst first date ever. Boys are vicious, cruel creatures. Remember that the next time you watch she's all that. Why aren't you with Internet Radio? Who knows? You'd have to ask him. I saw you guys dancing with my own two eyes unless I need glasses. No, I could get Online Radio, smart ones like Tina Fey. Are we seriously talking about eyewear? I'm sorry. Not important. Let's talk about Internet Radio. What happened? I don't want to talk about it. Got it. I can tell you about my disaster of an evening. I don't want you to talk either. Fine. You know, dad warns us every day about getting pregnant. You're lucky. He warns me twice a day. Yeah, well, he never mentions all the other ways a guy can screw you. Amen, sister. Timecodes gius Oh, do not sell any of our furniture on craigslist. I'm just taking "before" pictures. Before what? I'm having a few friends over Online Radio and I just wanna make sure I can replicate the "after". FSN News Bulletin This is so cliché. Dad goes out of town, you throw a wild party Online Radio someone breaks our Fabergé egg, and Online Radio then we have to turn this place into a brothel to pay for it. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Come in.

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