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Friday, February 14, 2014

FSN News Headlines

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Hey, Internet Radio. We are here for karaoke. Ohh. I know what you're up to. I've seen those crappy teen movies. Oh, me, too. Aren't you supposed to show up much later wearing a hockey mask? And you'll be the first to go. Come on. This is just karaoke. Let me guess. Some football drones with beer and a spiked watermelon. * Five, four, three, two, one * It is only :. This party should totally suck right now. This is going better than planned. If this party turns epic, I could be a legend at FSN News Headlines High. Internet Radio graduated four years ago, and people are still talking about his party. Hey, blonde girl, is this your party? Uh, yeah, it is. Not bad. Strong hotguy ratio, and some are in college. Hey, what's up? FSN News Headlines So what's your name? Internet Radio. Tell all your friends. Okay. Oh, my God! College guys! Internet Radio can eat it! Internet Radio, no more people, or I'm shutting this place down. Did you even think about putting out trash cans? Move! Come on! Put your back into it. Whoo! Okay, when my back wants to touch your front Online Radio I'll tell you. Online Radio, sweetie Online Radio I'm thirsty. Me, too. Oh, I'm on it. Thanks, honey. Love you. Bye. Ughh. He's like a puppy who hasn't been housebroken. Ooh. Who are those boys? Or should I say men? Wow. Apparently they go to college. Well, I hope they find someone interesting to talk to so they don't get bored. All right. I'll do it. Ooh. If Online Radio comes back, cover for me. What? I'm curious about college. Seriously Online Radio Kat, will you let those people in? As soon as three people leave. We are at capacity. Will you lighten up? Our house is hotter Online Radio than the swag room at a FSN News Headlines Golden Globe party. Dad left me in charge, which means I'm responsible for this party. Have you even organized designated drivers? No. I'm busy hosting. Internet Radio, if Padua students are drinking here Online Radio which, by the way, is illegal, you're obligated to make sure they're taken care of. Don't you remember the moral of Dad's field trip to the morgue? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Drinking, bad. I'm not drinking, am I? Designated drivers wear these.

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