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Friday, February 22, 2013

1-One Nation FM Smooth Jazz - Oldies

1-One Nation FM Smooth
1-One Nation FM Smooth Radio, 1-One Nation FM Smooth Jazz - Oldies, 1-One Nation FM Smooth Jazz Oldies Radio

So it really wouldn't be right for me to go to these places. No! Oh come on, Radio! Radio! I'll give you , won more for meals. , won! Here, take this business card first. I'm not doing it! Fine, fine, don't do it! You can watch me kill myself when my business goes down and I have no money! Yes, this is the one So, we have just gone over the concept of an unconventional military operation. That'll be all for our class material today. We will have a practice round of interviews for the National Intelligence Service. 1-One Nation FM Smooth Jazz - Oldies Not here? That's why he's been stuck here for years! Kim Kyeong-ja. Yes. Please come upfront. I've told you this over and over, but a lame lie in the NIS interview will be revealed in no time. Be honest and confident! Understood? Yes. Ms. Kim Kyeong-ja? What are your motivations for applying to the NIS? My dream is to work as a PD in broadcasting in liberal arts and right the wrongs of this world. But at the employment counseling. No, wait a minute! What is wrong with you? You told me to be honest. You should have said, as honestly as you can, that you are ready to sacrifice yourself for the good! Do you think the NIS is there to prepare you for your job in broadcasting? Let's do it again. Ms. Kim Radio? Why are you applying to the NIS? For my country? Be confident! For my country! I applied because I want to sacrifice myself for the greater good! Yes, this is it. Confidence! Devotion! Understood? Yes. What time is it? : Sit down here for a bit. What did you do today? I studied for the exam. What exam? The civil servant exam. What kind of answer is that? It's been three years since you graduated from college and all you can do is prepare for the civil servant exam? You wasted three years for such nonsense? Why do you think what I'm doing is nonsense? Three years in a man's life, you could move mountains and rivers during that time! How much does a civil servant earn anyways? You're done with all that. You're coming to work at the company from tomorrow. I'm not made to do business, I'm telling you. Are you some kind of doctor? How do you know what you're made of? What is cooler and better than doing business? You can be a senator for four years and a president for only years. Every election season you have to wander around the markets eating street food and begging for one vote to everyone. There is no such thing in business. Noone will talk behind your back even if you spend your lifetime doing business. Personally, I am against the hereditary succession of owners in companies. When are you going to grow up? Are you still an adolescent? Get yourself together! At your age, Jesus made wine out of water! What a great man indeed. When I was your age, I used million and made it to a hundred million won! I respect you, 1-One Nation FM Smooth Jazz - Oldies My dear son. Did you eat? What is your father shouting about now? Wouldn't you shout if you were me? You're spoiling the kid! Look at you. What did I ever do? Listen to me carefully. 1-One Nation FM Smooth Jazz - Oldies I have struggled and have been lost in my days, and I know what I'm saying, but it's all a waste of your life. You'll work at the company from tomorrow.