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Sunday, February 24, 2013

BBC - Radio 1

BBC - Radio 1 You will see with your own eyes. Welcome to "the freakshow." here, munchkin! Whoa, hey! Hey, what's up? George, come on in. Oh, my god I can't believe you're here. It's good to meet you. Hey, glad to meet ya, man. Finally got a chance to see each other. Give me a hug. I was about to say, "give me a hug" wow! Holy moly! Oh, wow! You really are a giant. Hey, I am. Hey, phoenix, come down, son. I want you to meet my son. Sure, love to. This is phoenix. Oh, okay. Hey, phoenix, this is george I was telling you about. Hey, nice to meet you. What's up? How are you? Hey, asia! Oh, my gosh, hey! Hi. This is my wife, Online Radio. Hi. This is my daughter, asia. Oh, my gosh I can't even hug you. He's so tall. So, this is larry. You've seen him in "the guinness book of world records" and all that. And this is creature One of the most tattooed men in america. Usually I'm getting stared at, But I'm staring right now, you know what I mean? Wow! This your mom here? This is mother her name's. Everybody calls her pinky. BBC - Radio 1 Wait. Can I see how big your Oh, my gosh! So, how tall are you? Seven feet eight. Wow! Wow! That is so cool. All right, well, george, havehave a seat. Sure thank you. And, Online Radio, You wanna grab him somethin' to drink? I'll grab you a nice, cold drink. Can you get me some miracle grow? Okay. Wow, man, it's so good to meet you. You know, when we first talked, And I told you the name of my place Right. BBC - Radio 1 and it's "Online Radio." Youone of the concerns you had was the word "freak." Yeah, 'cause, uh, you know, I, myself, Have aa lot of, uh, pride On carrying myself as normal as possible. Right, right. BBC - Radio 1 And I've been doing it all my life. And I never looked at myself as different, 'cause as you see here, This height I have is a gift from god. It's not something I just decided to be. That's right, that's right. So, how can I feel ashamed of god's gift? That's why we say "freak" is a positive word, 'cause not Iit's like a redefinition of the word. Right. I think that's why We're trying to bring it Wewe're trying to bring it back, But we're trying to celebrate the differences. I don't know if you know much about The history of giants in the sideshow. Back in the days, I mean, they, literally, Were like royalty. Yeah. Like, this, right here, this is jack earle. He always wore the big hats. He was a big cowboy. Here's johann petursson, the viking giant from iceland. Same height as you. Yeah. I mean, here's chang, the chinese giant. So, to the people, it was like a... It was a mysterious person from a foreign land, a giant. Pitch cards are photos about the size of a postcard, And they would sell you this photo As a memory of the show. People like me, wewe collect these photos. BBC - Radio 1 Museums put 'em up with pride. I look at 'em all the time. II've studied p.T. Web Radio and his whole life. So, to have our own real giant, It is a dream come true. Well, george, that'd I mean, that's where we're at. Yes, one thing you're missing is a tall person. yes, a giant a true, living giant. And that, you know, thatthat's why You're so important.