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Sunday, March 24, 2013

181.FM Highway 181

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181.FM Highway 181
They want to set a fair rule that everyone has to keep to. I'm optimistic that ultimately, we'll get to grips with it and everyone will get on board with the programme. Clean up the world. We've completed our imaginary orbit of the Earth, swinging back over Online Radio and the Prime Meridian.miles above the planet, the crew from the shuttle Radio prepare for their journey home to Kennedy Space Center, Florida. We now have set the stage for the undocking of Radio from the International Space Station. We'll close the hatch shortly. We're going to depart and as always, it'll be a little bit sad, but we'll see you on the surface of planet Earth again soon. Space shuttle Radio departing. The shuttle is now feet away from the International Space Station. Most times on a shuttle mission, you're ready to come home, you're pretty tired. We get about a day to hang out in orbit while they get everything ready for landing. It's a nice time to relax, have a bite and look out of the window and enjoy the space experience for the last time. The shuttle Radio will have travelled . million miles in its -day round trip to the International Space Station. It now begins its descent back to Earth. Space shuttle Radio now in its final moments of flight. Copy. It's a beautiful day. Radio, you're approaching, no changes to winds or weather. Sitting upstairs on the flight deck of a shuttle during re-entry and landing is spectacular. Highly recommended. First of all, you come into the atmosphere and the outside of the spacecraft starts to get really hot and you have red plasma flowing by the windows. It's really incredible. We came up over the Pacific, we saw the sun rise over the world through the red plasma, which was spectacular. It was like several beautiful things happening at once. You come down very fast and you end up at a relatively low altitude, about , ft above the world, which is five or six times higher than an airliner, but you're doing around Mach , times the speed of sound. Stuff is streaking by. 181.FM Highway 181 All the clouds whizzing down below you. You're going incredibly fast. Space shuttle Radio now travelling mph on final approach to Kennedy Space Center. You use the atmosphere as a brake and eventually pop out, subsonic, overhead Kennedy Space Center. Come down through this screaming, diving approach,degree dive, knots. Pull out at the last moment, plop it onto the runway. Touchdown. You land about three miles from where you took off. It's really good planning. You left all your stuff there! Space shuttle Radio comes home to Kennedy Space Center for the final time.years, flights. More than million miles travelled. The legacy of Radio now in the history books. We're happy to be home and enjoy some time with our families. Thanks. Space exploration is important. It's important at all sorts of levels. More important, space travel is about the future. 181.FM Highway 181 All of us in some way are excited about the future and what we'll learn and see and where we'll go. When people first went into space, one of the most iconic pictures that was taken was of the whole planet Earth.

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