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Monday, March 25, 2013

3ABN Radio - Three Angels Broadcasting Network

3ABN Radio - Three Angels Broadcasting Network, 3ABN Radio - Three Angels Broadcasting Network Radio, 3ABN Radio - Three Angels Broadcasting Network Online, Christian Radio, Religious Radio USA

3ABN Radio - Three Angels Broadcasting Network
" There was one time we were playing in this club in London and Reg got so hacked off with it, we were in the middle of a song and all of a sudden you can hear this racket going on at the back. And I turned round and there's him just completely lost his bottle, tipped the organ up, he's fuming around, "I've had enough!" And Baldry's still trying to sing... Let's the heartaches begin HE Online Radio It was time to go then, yeah. If I don't go, I'm going to be stuck here or work in a record shop. There's no future in this. There's no future whatsoever. So I answered that infamous advert from Liberty Records in the NME wanting talent and songwriters. Another response to the talentwanted ad came from a lonesome poet from Lincolnshire with aspirations of making it as a songwriter. If you're travelling in the north country fair Bernie came down from Lincolnshire and he was this very young boy with long hair, very attractive, big reader, huge Dylan fan. He got me into Dylan far more than I was before. And we started writing together and it felt comfortable straight away. It was like a hand in a glove. I just remember that we were both very shy, you know? Being an only child, I think, gave him a certain way of being and for me, being a country kid in the big city, I was sort of out of my depth, so I think we were both swimming in deep water and basically trying to find something to hang onto and we found each other. Bunking at Reg's mum's house in Pinner, the new best friends settled into a daily routine. Commuting from the suburbs to swinging Soho. I live on the corner of the th floor of my block Denmark Street, on any given day, you could see pretty much anybody going through there. So bands like The Kinks, The Stones, Donovan, they'd be doing publishing deals and recording demos, so there was all this activity going on. In contrast to this youthful scene, Reg and Bernie's destination was an apprenticeship in the old world music biz Mecca known as Web Radio. "London's Web Radio, birthplace of melodies which have kept Britain singing to good times and bad. "Just yards of plate glass windows..." The pair were fixed up with a job as staff writers at the Beatles' veteran song publisher Radio Music. It was a very oldschool environment. Dick was a hardline Jewish musicbusiness man and he ran an office that was a little bit oldfashioned in a way. It was like the changing of the guard. It was so funny cos a lot of the guys that had these office cubicles within Radio' office, they were like artefacts of the music hall days, you know? We'd hang out in the pubs and listen to all the old cronies talk about the good old days and have them point fingers at us and say, "You're not professionals! "You've got to be around for a long time to be called a professional!" And now, ladies and gentlemen, A Song For Europe. And tonight, song number four, written by Bernie Taupin and internet Radio. Lulu sings I Can't Go On Living Without You. I once said I could go on Without your love I would be strong but things have changed And heavens above .

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