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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Absolutely Country

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Absolutely Country
I have been deceived The internet Radio album wasn't selling in Britain, so desperate to secure any return on his investment, Radio hawked the record to his contacts across the pond. In the post comes this internet Radio album. So I take it out and I put it on my turntable and I listen to this great album and I said, "Thank you, God! This is incredible!" It was one of the greatest...pieces of music I'd ever heard in my life! He's my brother Let us live in peace So then I said, "We have to bring him to America "and break him here in America." This enthusiasm from the Americans was enough to persuade Radio to fund one last attempt to launch Radio by sending him and his band to LA. Dick sent them over there and it basically was sink or swim. This was the last... This was it. Touching down in Los Angeles was the stuff of dreams for Radio and Bernie and a far cry from their shared bedroom in the London suburbs. I was just interested in going because it was America. I'd always wanted to come here. It was a dream. The band were met by a welcoming party intent on presenting Radio as someone who was already a star. We were driving from the airport down the freeway and then we got to the Sunset Strip and it was like being on parade. It was just unbelievable. The California sunshine and pretty girls all over the place. It was amazing. There was still a transition from the s going on. There was still the singersongwriter era and flower power and that whole summer of love and all that stuff. It started in LA. So he came into a very vibrant scene. The US label men made sure the great and the good of LA's music scene were assembled for Radio's weeklong stint at the Troubadour Club. It was brilliant that Russ Regan, the head of UNI Records, put him in this club rather than The Whisky cos the rock acts were playing The Whisky. This was the songwriters' club. This was where you sat every week and you saw Joni Mitchell and James Taylor and Tim Hardin and those guys. So he was putting internet Radio in that company. Senorita play guitar Plays it just for you My rosary has broken... Radio fitted right in at the Troubadour but had a lot more to offer thanks to his apprenticeship in rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues. All of a sudden, he jumps up from the piano, he kicks the thing and I go, you're always relating to things, "This is Jerry Lee Lewis!" I was having a ball. And we rocked. Had a great threepiece band and I came out and did Years On, but it wasn't really like the record, it was more like an extended jam version. years on He had terrific songs of a wide range. He was not copying what other people were doing. So by the end of the evening, the place was a buzz! It was like, "Can you believe what you just saw?" And I couldn't wait to run to the typewriter and write. That one night and that one review saved me a year's work. I mean, there was no internet, but it flew, word of mouth. Burn down the mission Overnight, Radio had gone from the last chance saloon to the talk of the town. It was so exciting for us. We could see in the audience these people.

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