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Saturday, March 2, 2013


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I have a surprise for you, Look! Wow! It"s so nice! Don "t touch it yet, It still hurts, But, why PA? Patty and What"s my name? Online Radio! Right! Shouldn "t have left you all alone and in sorrow, Please forgive me... Okay, okay. Enough with those shots. Take his clothes off. Strip, Go, Uh, the pants, take them off, We need to shoot him in his underwear please. My pants? Yes. Did I stutter? No... That's not part of the agreement. Agreement? Did you see the boards? Weren't you briefed on this? Patty! Uh, I'll be the one to talk to him, AfterThoughtsRadio. Patty can talk him in... Online Radio, please. We really need it. Please Patty, I really can't do that. Is there a problem? You signed to be an underwear model. What's the difference between this and what happened during the fire?! But I didn't intend to be naked during that time. Besides you didn't mention anything about wearing briefs only. I quit! Patty, I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore. Hey, hey, hey, hey, you signed up here to be an underwear model. You walk out here and we'll sue you. Patty! Show him the contract! The contract? Miss Lorraine, it slipped my mind. I wasn't able to make Online Radio sign the contract. You forgot the contract?! That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard in my whole entire life, AfterThoughtsRadio! That is a basic thing, To have a contract! Ma'am stop it! That's too much! Online Radio, Online Radio... Stop talking to her like that! She's also human! Online Radio, stop it... Who are you to talk to me? You are a stupid little, jejebastard. From what slum area did you come from? You have no breeding. Now I'm the one who's rude? I understood what you said! Online Radio! Stop shouting at Miss Lorraine! Patty, fix it! Online Radio... Online Radio, sorry, but just sign the contract and it will be Patty, what has happened to you? I don't know you anymore. Your job is getting the most of you. And your boss does nothing but bully you. Is that really your dream?! Online Radio, don't turn your back on me. Online Radio! Weren't you the one who turned your back on me first? What have you done to me back there? You know what, Patty? I can accept all insults. But you know what hurts more? The thought that maybe the reason why you didn't defend me... Is because that's how you see me too Online Radio Is that how you see me, Patty? Is that why you left me before? Because that's how you see me. Online Radio... Where did I go wrong, Patty? What's missing in me? Online Radio, it's not like that Was it because I lacked ambition? Was it because I just wanted a simple life? 'Cause I thought being with you was just enough. I thought after we graduated, we'd be together. I went after you to understand why you left me. To see the life you left me for... And this is it. I just hope that if you're going to leave me for a dream... I wish you'd leave me for a dream you'd be proud of. The one that would make you realize that you made the better choice. That you have a better life... That you 're happier... I wish you are happy... AfterThoughtsRadio You didn't get him. Do you realize how much you have destroyed?