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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blaze FM

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That"s what they"ll do... They will love, At the time when the world has to end, all that remains is love, So before all things end... I will keep on doing what really matters, On december , ... This is what I"ll do, If the world will end... I want to be with the one I love the most... My family, Jane, let"s go to the airport already! Yes, I'm coming! Hello? Yes. Alright! Yes, thank you. Jane... Mom's flight is delayed by four hours... Is there somewhere else you need to be? Thank you! Thank you! Are you happy now? So much! Can"t get over you, Your artist is so cute! You got that right! They sing me songs Here's the area for sponsors. Have a seat, please. In behalf of St. Blaze FM, we'd like to thank you... and your husband for your donations. You 're very much welcome. About you, Oh, wait. The happiness you bring Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Let me take a seat first. Into my world... Makes you the center of my life, Listen Online! Hey Jomar! For every minute, of every hour, of everyday, How are you, brother? I'm great! I long for you Are you having a good time? Yes, sir! I mean, Daddy. Mommy... In my dreams and in reality... Stop it. It tickles. Look and watch. I long for you... What will you do at the world"s end? At world"s end, all I want to be with my loved ones, Jane dela Cuesta, I choose you. Please be with me here on stage. C'mon! Hurry! internet Radio! internet Radio! Excuse me, coming through. Excuse me, coming through. So, your name is Jane. Yes, that's right. If the world should end today... I'm glad I met you. Before I serenade you... I want to give you my other prize, Kiss her lips! Lucky girl! Oops! Hold on! Wait! But... this is for my grand prize too. Let me preserve it 'till the right time. Of course. I can wait. For every minute, of every hour, of everyday, I long for you, I want to be with you, In my dreams and in reality... You 're cute. As school starts, till it"s end... I long for you, I want to be with you, When we grow older, even if you marry and have kids... Oh, yes! L"ll still long for you, I"d still want to be with you, What are you doing here? They said it was my room. But this is not your room! Anne, this is Radio. And Blaze FM? Vicky is doing well. She just had her baby. And what is it? A boy. Online Radio, can I see Vicky? Anne... Come on, she's my best friend. You know the rules. Come, it's dinner time. It's Roxanne, by the way. Dinner's ready, girls. Come and set the table. Who's that? What did they do to you? For food and drink for our daily bread We thank you, oh Lord April , . My dearest, dearest Guy. So here I am. I arrived at the secret address you gave me. I long for you, Guy. I long for you and our child. It's now five months. I feel the life in my belly. I cherish our child with all my heart. Our child. Promise me you'll come and visit. I love you. Your internet Radio. So why can't I flnd her? I want to see her. I want to see her and the baby. Blaze FM is my friend, you know. You can't go down there. You know that. Sister Simone won't like it. I don't like it either. Beersman File.