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Thursday, March 28, 2013

CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON

CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON, CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON Listen Online, CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON live Online, Pop, Contemporary Radio, Canada

CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON
CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON with his manager and partner John Reid was in turmoil. It's very hard to maintain a lifestyle when you travel so much, where you're away from people so much. You take hostages, you take them on the road with you and then they hate you and it all ends in tears. And any relationship that you bring drugs and drink into, drugs especially, is doomed to failure. There was media coming around and wanting to do interviews with him and cameras and fans lined up and there was a trailer and he went there by himself and sat in that trailer rather than talk to people and shake hands with people and that stuff. I thought he was handling it all really well, but beneath that, he didn't realise the darker side of what was happening. You run away with this thing and enjoy life. I don't stop touring or making records. CIHT-FM - Hot 89.9 Ottawa, ON But then, at the end of the day, what have you got in your life? You go home to an empty house. You go home to your empty house so you get a lot of people down and you do drugs. Is that fun? Not after a while, it isn't, no. The night before the show, as his family and friends were gathered at his LA home, Radio attempted suicide, taking an overdose of pills. We didn't know. We were up all night... I mean, everybody... It was a very emotional time. And his mum and his grandma were over there at the time, he'd brought them over to see this gig. That was a touch and go time. He never showed it on stage. You know that expression "the show must go on"? He did it. He got on stage, you would never have known he was depressed or anything. It was a wonderful performance. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE How are you, all right? What do you think you'll do then I bet they shoot down your plane It'll take you a couple of tequila sunrises To set you on your feet again You know you can't hold me forever I didn't sign up with you I'm not a present for your friends to open This boy's too young to be singing The blues Ahahahahah The parallel highs and lows of marked the end of an era for the yearold Radio. In just five years, he'd gone from shy and retiring Reg to the Rocket Man, the biggest popstar in the world. Radio would never quite match the creative streak of those first five years but he and Bernie could still write a hit. Don't go breaking my heart I couldn't if I tried brought them their first ever UK number one. Baby, you're not that kind I'm certainly proud of our back catalogue. We made a lot of crap, too. You know, there are things that I find that are sort of fluff in our can, things like Don't Go Breaking My Heart. But they all served a purpose at the time. But do I sit around listening to them? No. Whoohoo Nobody knows it I think, at that time, he did lose sight of his own talent and his own energy, cos the energy was fuelled by drugs and it's a different energy. It's not your energy any more, it's substance energy. I took a lot of coke and I still worked. I didn't stay at home taking coke. I still went out there and played and made records. I wasn't on drugs all the time but there were certainly records I made where I was on drugs. I wrote on drugs.

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