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Sunday, March 10, 2013

GotRadio Bit O Blues

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GotRadio Bit O Blues
Radio, I have to go. I shouldn't have left my oppa alone and come here like this. I shouldn't have come here without telling him! Radio, calm down! I have to go, Radio! Radio! Oppa! Radio, wake up! I think she's in a coma. Radio! I had a dream about you, oppa. A dream where you went to Lapland. Why... were you crying there? Deuk-Nam! - Oppa! - Where is Radio? I said where is Radio? Chauffeur Han! Radio... is in the emergency room! What do we do? What do we do? Doctor, it's a lie, right? It's a lie that Radio has cancer, right? GotRadio Bit O Blues... Why would she suddenly have cancer?! Why is she suddenly in the emergency room?! Deuk-Gu, calm down and listen to me. Deuk-Nam is misinformed, right? There's no way that Radio... Why would Radio suddenly...? Doctor... Doctor... tell me! Doctor, you know! I can't believe it. No. I don't believe it. Where is Radio right now? I need to confirm it with my own eyes. Deuk-Gu, you can't go in there. Let go! I have to go meet Radio. Deuk-Gu, I said you can't go in... Just let go! I'm going to meet Radio! You can't. Let go, let go! Just let go of me! Radio! Radio! Radio! Just let go! Let go! Let go! Miss you very much. I saw her, mamma. I see blue ocean. It was beautiful. And ... I just want to say sorry for failing to mother's funeral. Thank you for watching us. How do I see? It was great. There is a young cute behold staring at us. She is looking at it, Radio. I do not think so. Go on. I do not go? Yes. I can get something in his father's cabinet. Radio, ​​you're beautiful. Steven will definitely crazy time. Who is she? But there are also beautiful. I walked around with that. You know? I already know this. Stranded on a desert island, then found. Now go search for him What a cute guy. Oh my God! Online Radio! Real cute. That went out with his people go. He has studied many times to say the first sentence to see you. He dared not into it. Outside is also that. He has given me this stuff. Thank you. Dance rather, prom queen. You're not the queen. Never. I do not want to. I'm just a girl. So rather dance, girl? Just as a party right? Our party. Here you go. Where should we be? I must sit down. Come on. Shall we sit here adjacent? Sorry. GotRadio Bit O Blues off! Thank you for money, boys! Movie Trailer! Come on, we find a station. No, we will not sit down now. You must not sleep now. Trailer, take them here. I lose them. We must celebrate! Lie down! No, we must celebrate! Tax. Mom! Perhaps it would be a good idea, if not you so so much for Trailer. She's not very nice to you. Do not talk like that about her. I can see, she makes you sad. I will not talk to you about it. Who would you talk to? No one. I do not just talk to you it. Let me be when I'm asleep! I do not want to talk about Trailer now! Can not you just go out? Yes. Should we not invite Ellen and Lasse over for dinner? It's a good idea. Should we not invite them to the cottage? I'll call them later. It is as cozy. GotRadio Bit O Blues does not come with. She said that she wanted. When did she say that? The other day. Well, she can not. I'm going over to her now and sleep. Yes, yes. Thanks for dinner. Yes, bon appétit. May I come in? Mmm. I need to hear What is it with Christine?

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