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Friday, March 8, 2013

KARL Radio - Los Angeles

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KARL Radio - Los Angeles
KARL Radio - Los Angeles My wife ... I was trying to keep her ... Survived. I almost lost what I have. I am very sad and Online Radio. I was so enamored with what we have that I do not know what was lost. Today not fly then. We tried. But will not give up. When my family to the beach. My mother used to talk about green sunset. Dad and I have observed many days. But never before seen. It lies in the other direction. As soon as the sun set. I'm thinking that may just be because ... People's beliefs. To feel that it really exists. Scene or anything there. You think that we can How long survive here? We'll be fine. Is that okay? We do not feel so guilty? About what? Do not feel sad. They would probably think we were dead. But we are not dead. So we still have to live. I just see that we need to do something. As we try to find their way off the island. We tried. And will keep on trying. Why do not you shave? What? He looked so like an old man. Got it. The first thing tomorrow to shave. And the second thing to do is to find a little something to eat. I hope so. Ok? I mean ... I'm okay? Radio, ​​he was more than wrong many times. Stability is somewhere below. About you in far, far above this. Stable as a tiny grain of sand. And he is even a beach. Stable as a drop of water. I knew you as both a wide sea area. I want to keep you? In school I never I like this show. Is like? I do not know. Fun. Other children also. No where. Yes. Other really. How else? No books, no lessons. I often watch him Gil. Now last I know. I always looked at him with the kind as such plan something. Wanted to do something or is ... want to go somewhere. I guess now I have been going anyway? Can not believe I said this, but ... I can not lie to yourself. Sometimes I see him miss. Who was his first? Now this game again? Right there. KARL Radio - Los Angeles A girl at school. Do you know her? No. Her university course. I do not know. Long time no see each other as well. Be happy about? Always fun to end. Got it. Who was the first of the children? He told his story, I turn now here. Football player, singer ... As he. Who? Is he there. He you? He is the ... What stars? No. Just ... amazing time. You all right? Covered with sand on the children. He wanted to be with you forever. So do you. First, take the time here. To train first. Radio, ​​you hear that? Aircraft gun under that tent. Hey! We are here! They then flew too high. Why did not you shoot flares? He can not find a gun. Unable to understand is why? It's still in that old. At right here that, Online Radio. I do not understand, where is it? Do you get out? No. Only time I took it out. So now he said I do take it back? He did not say who hurt. He only said that it was not there. Could it be that our people get something. Basket of children, cream of the children.tubes of sunscreen. We lay there a long time. Yes, but you have to carry water bottles, I put water in it. Where is my bottle of? I do not know. I find it a try. Maybe I should arrange the map every day. Arrange game? Maybe I should do that. From the word. Radio. Radio. Taking children out.

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