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Saturday, March 2, 2013


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Listen Online! Listen Online, enough! KUAT-FM 90.5 TUCSON, AZ, it's me Jomar! KUAT-FM 90.5 TUCSON, AZ Listen Online. I failed to give you my gift. Ayie did not... She did not give her sweetest "yes" to you. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. You wore your slippers the wrong way again. Who will teach you things... when I leave? No one. You 're a grown man now. You should know things already. Will you be happier when you go with them? Maybe. They said, they will take me to places. We will go to... Manila Zoo, to the mall, the beach... where I will go swimming everyday like this, "woo!" I love swimming! But... I will be alone... You won't be there. I don't like that. So, I'll stay. I will not leave. What about the beat of your heart? Without it, you might die. Of course, not! That can wait, when I grow older just like you. I heard that if you go with them, you'll have plenty of chocolates! That's your favorite, right? Chocolates! Yummy! Hmm, yum! You want some? You should go with them. What about you? You'll come visit often anyway, right? Cause I'm your best friend. Go on. Will you share some chocolates? Wait. Leave some for me! I want to take it all! No more. Cool, you got it right this time! This means you can do it on you own now. Come visit soon, okay? Of course, 'cause you 're here. There you go! By the way, someone wants to say goodbye. Who? Oh! Here's Ms. Snooty. You 're already leaving yet you 're still annoying! But I'm sorry, KUAT-FM 90.5 TUCSON, AZ. I'll miss you. Gross! Did you gargle already? I hate you! Bro, I'll go now! Bye! Bye Ayie! I'll miss you guys! Bye! Bye, take care! Bye Listen Online! Bye Listen Online! Take care! I'll miss you! Jomar! Bye! Bye! Bye! It's not enough... The deadline is near. What if we don't make it? Jane, just have faith. It's just a once in a lifetime. Keep fighting! But what about Mama? The reunion? Here's another one. L"ll ask the person I hurt for forgiveness, There's a girl stuck inside. Help! Help! Son, faster! My sister's there. I beg you, help her! Here, use this to cover your nose! Go! Thank you! Help! Help! Where are you? In here! I can "t walk! Help! Where? Right here! Help! Please... I can't walk. Help... Come here. This is insane! Four months I've worked on this campaign and for what?! So it could be replaced by some lunatic boy who braved the fire? Where is Patty? Where the hell is Patty?! Miss, miss. Remind me, how long have you been here in this company? Almost six months, Ma'am. So you're up for regularization. Yes, Miss. And tell me why should I regularize you? Because I wanna be like you someday. Our client needs a special model for their particular campaign. I need you to find this guy. Wow! Hey! Miss. Find him. Tomorrow. Miss, hold on. Is it possible to assign this to somebody else? Do you love your job, Patty? Yes, of course. Then do it! If you don't find him by tomorrow, don't bother coming to work. Huh? We used to be lovers. I swear, I'm not kidding. Tell me about it or it never happened. When did it start? Such a snitch! Third year high school. When did it end? After college graduation. Be careful in KUAT-FM 90.5 TUCSON, AZ. Come home soon. I love you.