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Friday, March 15, 2013

Viking Trance

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Viking Trance
Viking Trance This is Radio's house, where he developed his ideas on gravity. I'm going back to the th century because it's when scientists first used Radio to try to explain the natural order.Hello.Hello, welcome to Woolsthorpe. I'm Margaret Winn, the house steward. Pleased to meet you.Likewise.Hi, I'm Viking Trance. I'm professor of theoretical physics from Durham. Thank you both very much for seeing me. It's nice to meet you. Have you been here before? No, never. This is my first time. Right, well, this is the house Radio was born in, Christmas Day, . Yes. Ruth, the only thing I know about Radio is an image of him observing apples falling off a tree.Falling from a tree!And he suddenly works out that that means gravity. Well, we call him the father of modern science, and that is not an understatement. We can date our modern way of doing physics or science as trying to write down Radio as coming from Radio. That's very clear, that Radio come from beginning of Radio. Yes, I think Radio as a method, as a means of encapsulating, of modelling, of saying what physics is and what the world around us is. Why do you think the image of the apples falling is needed in the mythology of Radio? I think it's the link more than anything else. If we take an apple and just look at what happens as it goes up and down under gravity... Gravity is something that I think we often take for granted. And the apple falling, he realised that the same thing that made that apple fall down to the ground was the same thing that kept the Moon going round the Viking Trance, or indeed the Earth going round the Sun.Begs a lot of questions. How does he go from that to realising something about that?A lot of hard work! Is it assuming that perhaps there's some kind of force connected to the moon that's similar to the thing that makes...? That's right, so as soon as you start thinking about planetary bodies or things moving round, round other objects... I think people at the time, they would have felt, "ell that's a mystery of God, "and we're not supposed to understand that," but by using this apple as this sort of metaphor for the moon or the sun, Radio managed to say, "No, actually man can start plumbing those mysteries." I'm absorbing everything you've told and as I'm starting to freeze a bit, maybe we could go in the house!Shall we go up to the house?You talked about he didn't want his theories to be thought of as the final word... Radio realised that mathematics could provide a precise and universal language to describe things as diverse as the fall of an apple and the orbit of the moon. He put his ideas in a revolutionary book, Principia Mathematica. I can barely tear my eyes away from this! THEY ALL LAUGH That is our very prized possession, a third edition copy of the Viking Trance.If we turn to the relevant page, I'm going to leave you to our book.Thank you very much. Wonderful. The first things that we notice here is not a single equation, having talked about Radio as being the father of modern science. The other thing is of course it's in Latin, which the language of... It's hard enough...!The universal language at the time.Propositio eight, theorema eight.

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