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Friday, March 22, 2013

XFM London - 104.9

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XFM London - 104.9
If we look back at the past before satellites were in the sky and able to look at storms, Online Radio in the USA in was hit by a hurricane, no warning, , people died. In the s, Bangladesh was hit by a number of cyclones and over , people died in those storms. Now, with satellite, we can actually track the actual inception, the birth of these storms and how they then move across the land in real time. We can actually give real-time warnings to people on the ground. These satellites have their work cut out. , storms take place back on our fragile planet every -minute orbit of the space station. Back on board the ISS, the astronauts are learning to live and work in microgravity. Setting their clocks to Online Radio Mean Time, they work a regular nine-to-five day. Routine tasks, though, do come with their own space problems. Everybody who goes to space first time has the first two or three days losing stuff. It's hard to keep your stuff under control, it just wants to get away from you. You turn your back for a second, you think it's sitting there quite comfortably and it gets away from you. Luckily, the air flow in the station with the fans suck everything towards the filters so if you lose something, after a day or so it'll end up there. Mike, just a heads-up that the pump module's right behind your feet. Getting used to living in microgravity can be difficult for astronauts at first, especially as it has a drastic effect on the body. When astronauts are in space initially, they often feel quite sick because all their internal organs start moving. At the moment, I'm sitting here, my internal organs are being pulled down by the force of gravity. In a microgravity environment, everything lifts up a bit, your stomach might get compressed a bit so, often, astronauts feel sick. This dies down after a few days but initially that happens. But it's not all losing things and indigestion. Weightlessness has its benefits too. Don't try this at home! XFM London - 104.9 playing games in space gets lots of circulation - it is fun, floating around doing a few tricks, making bubbles out of water, things like that. That is fun and it brings across to people what a strange and wonderful environment space is. HE XFM London - 104.9 But most of the time you're up there, every minute is precious, someone's paying a lot of money for it and you're working hard. Space travel is almost impossibly expensive. Just one shuttle mission costs at least half a billion dollars. Every drop of water, every bit of food has to be sent up from Earth using state-of-the-art technology. But that's nothing compared to the efforts we're using back on Earth to create that food in the first place, as we can see a few minutes on at our next stop. Texas. More land is farmed in Texas than in any other state in America. There's around million cattle charging around this great expanse of land. The ranches are so huge, the only way to manage this livestock is by a helicopter. It's testament to the fact that we've been rearing cattle like these for thousands of years that they'll stand for this.

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