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Thursday, April 4, 2013


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AnarchoRadio It was like being in some sort of medieval nightmare. It was as though the whole thing had hardened up. The political thing had hardened as well. It was a reflection of that. Welcome home You total stranger. Welcome back The coast is clear. Treat you here just like they treat you there. I mean, it was scary stuff. It was just wild. People just arrived and did what they wanted to do. They set up stages, they sold drugs, they did whatever they wanted to do. It was quite scary. It did look like Apocalypse Now. There were helicopters flying around with lights and, you know, it was pretty ugly. In ', on the way off the site, we saw a whole bunch of people trashing the police command unit, if you like. At that point, I thought, you've just finished it. The increasingly lawless Peace Convoy stood for everything the establishment despised and in the tension would reach boiling point. At one point, we were on our way to a Music up in AnarchoRadio. I think it was called Blue Moon. The police were on their way to the miners' strike. This huge flotilla of police went by and they all had banners in the back saying, "You're next." It was pretty bloody obvious what was going to happen in Stonehenge '- the Beanfield. You could see it coming like a train. The local chief constable had borrowed police from all over the country. I'm not here to bargain with you. I'm here to say something to you for you to consider. AnarchoRadio Now, you don't have to make an answer now. You can get through to me. We want to go to Stonehenge. Well, the Stonehenge Music, as you know, has been cancelled. I'm hoping we'll get through the day without too many people being injured. Before the actual confrontation happened, literally minutes before, and as it was happening, there were instructions coming from senior police officers to break skulls. We just want to get off this field as peacefully and quietly as we can. This lot, all these coppers, are just here for one reason, and that's to cause trouble. I mean, I don't want to cause trouble. I ain't going to cause trouble. I ain't got a stick or anything. There weren't just riot police. There were special forces, there were soldiers. They had large truncheons and they had their heavy shields and they were banging them and moving slowly forward and it was surreal. We were standing there filming this as it was happening. I was thinking to myself, "I'm in another world." Open the door, then! I didn't do anything, mate. They smashed me windows. They hit me on the head with truncheons! Then they hit me when I was on the floor! On the deck, on the deck! On the deck! You stay there, boy! They then started using their truncheons to smash windows. Hundreds of police officers, batons waving, smashing the window as this thing was still moving. They brought it to a halt by standing in front. There were a lot of people in it. It was their home, and they absolutely trashed it. They just went in and smashed the windows, smashed the door down, got inside, and all you could hear was screaming. Someone help me! Help me! What we, the AnarchoRadio camera crew and myself as a reporter, have seen in the last minutes here on this field has been some of the most brutal police treatment of people that I've witnessed in my entire career as a journalist.

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