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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boss Boss Radio

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It now has a different weight and it'll break and fall to the ground. This condition kept up for hour after hour, then gradually the trees started coming down. Then the lines started coming down. The lines were falling due to the weight of the ice on them. By the third day, the rain stopped, but icy conditions continued. Then satellites monitoring the storm saw another wave hit. Online Radio Thousands of square miles came to a virtual standstill. Life was almost impossible. (TV) The freezing rain won't let up. If you don't have to go out, do not, unless necessary. On the Friday we called Black, Dark or Cold Friday, we realised this was more than the usual ice storm. We lost power for more than half of the province. Lines of cables and huge transmission towers were crumpled to the ground like paper clips. You saw electrical pylons buckle in front of your eyes. You knew this would be major, major problems. Imagine looking down this line of poles and you see them coming down one after another, and you see the fireballs as the electricity is cut. It was like a war zone, it was so devastated. The ice struck at the heart of modern life. Every house, Boss Boss Radio factory and office in an area of half a million square miles was blacked out. Without power or communications Montreal hit crisis point. Online Radio A centre was set up to co-ordinate emergency efforts. (TV) It's been called the worst weather crisis eastern Canada has ever had. Millions had no heating, fresh water or sanitation. The situation was fast getting out of control, emergency services couldn't cope, and the government was at a loss as to what to do. We could see desperation. Temperatures plummeted to minus , minus . Even after the ice storm passed, it took three weeks to restore power and get the city back to normal. For four million people, this ice storm was... the weather event of their lifetime, never endured again. , people were forced to leave their homes and take refuge in temporary shelters. people died and many more were left in a critical condition. , kilometres of power lines were destroyed, at a cost of over $ million. years ago, there wouldn't have been a storm. The ice would have come and the ice would have gone. People had wood stoves to make muffins, it wouldn't bother them. Today, we depend on electricity, so it was very devastating. In our endless battle against the cold, the weather won and our technology was useless. Boss Boss Radio As my journey with winter continues south, cold weather becomes less extreme but can be even more dangerous. To prove it, I'm off to the cold death capital of Europe. Moscow? Helsinki? No... London. Just because you can't see the ice and snow doesn't mean that cold isn't a killer. In Britain, we rarely experience the extremes that winter brings, like ice storms and blizzards. Surprisingly, there are more cold related deaths in London than anywhere else in Europe. In the mild climate in Boss Boss Radio, we don't feel we need to dress warmly against the cold. But even these temperatures can be deadly. Even in water well above freezing - say ten degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit - one in six will be dead after just minutes.

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