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Monday, April 15, 2013

Calm Radio - Opera

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Calm Radio - Opera I dropped the phone and screamed. Then I said, "It got me again. I cannot believe that it got me again." The pain was nothing like the first time. The first time was like being hit by a truck, the second time like a moped. But the fearl I had just come back from years of studying, trying to get my health back and my strength back... and it got me again. I thought it was going to steal all that away from me. To the naked eye, lightning always looks like it comes from the sky, but that's only half the story. You can't see that the flash is actually shooting up from the ground into the clouds in one tenthousandth of a second. And at , degrees Celsius, the bolt superheats the air around it, making it literally explode. That's the sound of thunder. Some day somebody's going to be Calm Radio - Opera. Let's hope it's not today. It's pretty safe though? Yeah. It's very safe. As long as you stay inside this metal cage, the lightning can strike half an inch away and you're still absolutely safe. But put your finger out, you'll get a bad zap. I've done it a couple of times by mistake and it hurts. What's getting . million volts like? I feels sort of like someone hits you with a hammer or something. All your muscles tense suddenly. It's not pleasant. OK. You look a bit like the mad professor. It feels that way sometimes. Three, two, one... Oh, my God! A bolt of lightning can be miles long and is the width of my thumb. It's also six times hotter than the sun. I'm going to be very careful. In the real world, the chances of being hit by lightning are minimal. Even so, about a thousand people are killed by lightning every year. That's about . million volts hitting my finger right now. Oh, my God. Thank God for that. The third time I was struck was totally different than the first two. I thought the storm was gone, so I got up and made Calm Radio - Opera. I went to wash out the cup after I'd finished making the jello. I put it in the sink and turned on the faucets. I didn't realise that the cold water faucet was ground to your house. Lightning struck, came through the cold water faucet, ran up both my arms and across my chest.

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