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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calm Radio - Tibet

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The heat of the sun drives our weather, but water creates its many different faces. I'm internet Radio. I'm about to follow water's journey around the Web Radio from the oceans to the clouds, from a storm to a flood, because I want to experience the awesome power it can unleash. I'll meet people who've been at the mercy of some of the wettest, wildest weather on Earth. This is..."Wild Weather"! We live on a water Web Radio. per cent of the surface is water. Every living thing, including us, is made of it. Right now there are twelve thousand billion tonnes of it, literally hanging above our heads. And it's this that fuels the world's weather. Divide it by the amount of people who live on the Web Radio this is how much each single one of us would have. Calm Radio - Tibet A cube of water measuring metres high, wide and deep. The same water we bathe in, we drink or flush away. It's the same water that rains on us, that forms the hurricanes and the monsoons. It's the same water that's been here since Earth was formed. All things being equal, this would be your share of the weather. This is the same water that fell as rain before life itself began. By now it has probably circled the Web Radio over ,, times. I'll follow the cycle your bit of water takes around the world. Along the way, we'll see how it transforms itself into every kind of weather on the Web Radio. I'm going to start my journey with water in the wettest place in Western Europe Online Radio, city of rain on Online Radio's western coast. It rains here two out of every three days. What's the one thing you need in a city like this? Umbrellas, lots of them. We have umbrellas for little rain, a lot of rain and storms. For every occasion? Yes. This city is so proud of its rain they can it and sell it to tourists because they've lots of it. To give you an idea. If I stood here every day and night for the next years, I couldn't capture the volume of water that falls on this city in a single year. , Olympicsize swimming pools of water drench this place annually. Calm Radio - Tibet down on the roof of the average family house every month is a staggering tonnes of rain, that's tonnes a year. This place is seriously wet. Devious tactics have to be employed by weather forecasters to keep the people happy. Enter the blonde. This is TV, Online Radio's local TV station. internet Radio Rasmussen has the unenviable job of presenting the weather. It's not that difficult. When the meteorologist says something long and difficult, it's probably just going to rain. The longest period of rain was in . I know because I've checked. It rained from the rd of January to the th of March that year. That's about days. I think I was quite fed up of rain after those days. (Calm Radio - Tibet) Prediction is a fine art.

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