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Friday, April 19, 2013

CFRU-FM - 93.3 FM Guelph, ON

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The CFRU-FM - 93.3 FM Guelph, ON Isles, being in the middle of the Atlantic, surrounded by water, it's affected by lots of different air masses that attack it. Air's coming in from the poles, so that's a cold direction, and tropical continental air from the warm continent in the summer, warm, dry weather. We get our main weather on this tropical maritime air mass, which is a warm source of air coming over the Atlantic. No land in between, lots of moisture, thus a lot of rain. Complicated! So how often do they get the forecast right? Forecasters aren't always famous for getting it right. There's a bit of prejudice. People remember if we get it wrong and don't praise us when we're right. We get it right six days out of seven, about per cent. There's always that rare moment when they get it badly wrong. October was one of those nights. Earlier, a woman rang to say there was a hurricane on the way. Don't worry, there isn't. Later that night, hurricanespeed winds gusting at over mph struck the south of England, causing serious damage. Even British skies can produce some worldclass weather. And occasionally some worldclass weirdness, as Derek and Online Radio found out one night at home in CFRU-FM - 93.3 FM Guelph, ON. It was just a normal night, it was fine. It was a nice starry night with no wind, no rain. Then I heard this thudding sound like someone was shovelling up in the garden. Like that. Then I went and opened the back door, and to my amazement I saw these giant balls coming from the skies, really fast. Couldn't tell what they were, too big for hailstones. I told him it's raining apples or something funny's going on. They WERE apples, hundreds of them! We started to see the garden littered littered. Over ankle deep in apples, all sorts of apples. Not just one type, it rained Bramleys, Coxes, Granny Smiths, Russets, all sorts, all kinds of different apples. The only plausible theory about the Accrington apples is that they were sucked up into the atmosphere by the spiralling winds of a tornado. In the CFRU-FM - 93.3 FM Guelph, ON, twisters are surprisingly frequent. We get about the same as the USA, but ours are small and rarely do any damage. The increasing amount of wild, wet weather we get is bringing terrible devastation to Britain. The real danger is not the amount, but the speed it moves. This is the Thurcross Dam on the Yorkshire Moors, the perfect place to demonstrate that water only a few feet deep can knock you off your feet. The force of water is always a shock, as this child and his rescuers found out. What it needs is speed. Beautiful, isn't it? Millions of tonnes of water. Power waiting to be unleashed. And they're going to dump it all on me! I wondered why there were four divers here, two stunt coordinators, safety men, wires and pulleys, and then I saw that. We've tonnes of water escaping every second. It's the force of a couple of cars and it will push you over. Water can turn from nothing to that in a very few minutes. Trying to fight it is impossible even a metre deep. CFRU-FM - 93.3 FM Guelph, ON Once it gets above your knees, you're finished. All water needs is speed and volume to have the strength of an explosion.

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