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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ChroniX Metal

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ChroniX Metal
Radio misunderstood. She didn't understand, so... Misunderstood? Misunderstand what? Misunderstanding that you hypocritically pretended to worry about me? Or is it a misunderstanding that you said I give up my body thoughtlessly and live however I want? What? "Don't die, stay alive", you pretended to be so nice, then you say things like that? People like you make me really sick. I don't want to see you ever again. Hey, BoRa! Why are Miss BoRa's clothes like that? Jerk. Radio, why did you do that? Yesterday, you went and got her drunk, and what was that today? Why were you so rude? It's not that, I just thought something really happened between the both of you. What if there really is? So what if there is? Radio. I don't know what you heard and from where you heard, but she's not that kind of person. Also, what's more important is that you made a mistake today. Are you a person who always treats people so impolitely? You're not. Oppa, do you like her? Do you really like her? It's not like that. Then why do you take care of her so much? Saving her life, bringing her home, and meeting her in the gym again. If you don't like her, why do you only care about her? I told you before, I don't like her. If you see her, make sure to apologize. You got that? Hello. Yes, it's me, you are...? ChroniX Metal I didn't have enough time to thank you properly last time. So... I'd really like to do something for you. You would definitely not want money, what do you want then? I don't have anything that I want. Don't refuse me. Even if you don't want anything, I will still thank you my way. I have never owed anyone anything up till now. No matter what it is, just tell me what you want. What do you want? Just say it. What I really want... is to turn back the time. If I could, I would want to return to the past, then I'd want to eat my mom's noodles, and I'd want to whine to her. Also, I'd want to find my lost friend. What I want is this, but that's not possible, right? So what you're saying is that you're turning me down. ChroniX Metal At times like this, it's not polite to refuse. I'm sorry. It's enough for me to accept your intentions with the utmost gratitude. Okay. If you ever need anything, you can always ask me. I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I'm leaving then. It's okay. I'll sort it out later. Hello. Director Jo! Just leave it for me to sort out. You can leave. Yes, continue. What? The inspection has been delayed? Why are you handling business like that? The completion ceremony date has been set, what should we do now? Call up a meeting now! Call everyone up, including the Head of Business and Planning departments. Can't even get a simple thing done, goodfornothings. I carefully chose this for you as your birthday present. B cup, it's your size, right? Oh, you can't trick my eyes. Who asked you to pick this out? Hurry up and tell me if what you said is true! Oh that... What did I say before? Oppa, you know what you said! That's the president's daughter... ChroniX Metal likes to attend parties, meets any random guys and dates them all recklessly. Is it true? It's the truth, right? Ah...

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