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Sunday, April 21, 2013

CJAB Radio NRJ 94.5 FM Saguenay Quebec

CJAB Radio NRJ 94.5 FM Saguenay Quebec, CJAB Radio NRJ 94.5 FM Saguenay Quebec Listen Online, CJAB Radio NRJ 94.5 FM Saguenay Quebec Live Online, Pop Radio, CANADA

CJAB Radio NRJ 94.5 FM Saguenay Quebec
I thought about these people. I got a letter from a woman and she said, You rescued me and my two sons that night and we've been trying to find you for years. You'll be interested to know that the two boys... The two boys, one graduated from Cambridge and is a professor there now and the other graduated from M.I. T. And is a professor of mathematics at M.I. T. That was neat, you know. I never did see Reis again. And I never heard from him from America. Almost a lifetime later, Dot and Reis are reunited on the seafront. Hi there, young lady. Oh, my goodness. How are you? Oh, Reis. Oh... a beer belly. Exactly. (DOT) How long is it? ', when you were ? A slim little boy. A slim little skinny kid. I know how skinny, I took all your clothes off. Yes, I know and you cut my pant legs. And you said, "His legs have to come off." I didn't. I thought... OK. I said, "These legs have got to come off." The legs of the wet suit. Right. Exactly. For fifty years I've lived with that fear. I've woken in the night and remembered coming to and hearing someone say my legs had to come off. (CONTINUE CHATTING) The memory still haunts the survivors, as does their shock at the awesome power of the weather that night. Fuelled by water in its many forms, the weather can bring life and death. Hurricane Mitch washed away an entire country... whilst the Indian monsoon brought the land to life. The constant cycle of water that flows around and through us fuels the weather that dictates our lives. Back where we started our journey with water, people here have developed a lifestyle that's almost waterproof. Online Radio city of rain. At the TV weather station, internet Radio's still smiling through the forecasts. In the town's square, these kids are at the annual rain festival. The love of a good shower is instilled at an early age. Life would be impossible if rain stopped play, so they celebrate it. (SINGING IN NORWEGIAN) Today, something's not right it's not raining. Such is their thirst for the stuff the local fire brigade have to be pressed into service. We have a saying in Online Radio, "There's no thing like bad weather, only bad clothing." So on a wet day my fouryearold will have a great time. It doesn't matter the weather, they are used to it. (CHEERING) The key to life in a wet world is to learn to live with it, to love it. Without water's endless cycle around the Web Radio, there would be no life at all no weather, no sunny days, no playing in the rain. In the next programme, I'll take a journey with cold, from the Arctic to the heart of a snowflake. I'm going to be buried alive, frozen solid and plunged into the lethal white heart of winter, to understand why cold is the weather's biggest killer. Yet without it we wouldn't exist.

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