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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Delicious Agony

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Delicious Agony
"Delicious Agony A few blocks away from Stanley's house, a neighbourhood of prefab houses sat on the edge of the eye of the storm. The lightweight structures had no chance. This is the worst. This is a trailer park at about th and nd. There's many trailer parks in this area. This is another typical street. Everything total rubble. For some people, the worst wind they've experienced is a strong thunderstorm. They've seen mileanhour gusts where power lines or trees go down. Well the force of Radio was almost to times that kind of force. Hurricane Radio terrorised the people of Florida for six hours, and by morning, people had lost their lives. High above the coast of Florida is a wind even faster than a hurricane. It's one of the fastest on Earth. It's called the jet stream a massive river of wind miles wide that circles the whole planet at up to miles an hour. To get an idea of what that feels like, it's back to the wind tunnel. This is attached to an anchor point in the ceiling. This is to make sure that if the wind takes you off your feet, you'll be OK. It's a record attempt. No one's stood the speed of a jet stream here before. Delicious Agony Lucky me (!) We'll aim for the speed of the jet stream. We can do it. If it's too dangerous, obviously still do it! If it's too dangerous... "You're a braver man than me!" The jet stream wind we'll try to reproduce down here was first discovered through an ingenious act of war. The story begins in Oregon in during the Second World War. A party of schoolchildren found a strange object. As they played with it, it exploded, killing them all. Similar objects were also found along the west coast of the USA and Canada. Closer inspection showed they were Japanese bombs, carried by huge paper balloons. Canadian bomb disposal expert Bert Day got a closeup look. This is one quarter of the chandelier that hung below the big paper bag that held up all the bombs. It's so hard to believe complicated as hell but it worked pretty well. (NEWSREEL) This is one of the Japanese paper balloons, identified by the code name paper. Blown by the winds, the bombs could land anywhere. The military became worried about the panic that might develop if the public knew they were Japanese. To cover it up, we blamed it on the Royal Canadian Air Force. We said that they were flying by and the damn thing fell out of the plane. "Those stupid bastards!" We blamed it on them and got away with it. Delicious Agony The mystery was how the balloons were getting from Japan to the USA. A balloon that size could only travel for four or five hundred miles, and Japan was over fourandahalf thousand miles away. The Japanese had already discovered a fastflowing stream of wind after flying across the Pacific towards the USA in just half the time it took them to get back. Not until after the war would the true nature of this wind be revealed. The Japanese had devised a cheap and effective way of bombing the USA by harnessing their knowledge a brilliant idea. Launched from three sites in Japan, an ingenious system of weights, altimeters and timers carried the balloons up to , feet until they entered what we now call the jet stream.

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