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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

100hitz - Alternative

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100hitz - Alternative

Moaning What's the matter? What's the matter, huh? What's the matter? My hands. They're hurting my hands. I once had such beautiful hands. I bet you still do. Can I see them? Will you show them to me? You wonder why it hurts. Will you send somebody to the pharmacy for me? Are you a doctor? I'm a social worker. I'm the one that got this woman off the street and into this hospital. Are you gonna send somebody to the pharmacy or not? Okay. I think these hands are goodlooking enough to handle an I.V. needle don't you? Um, why don't we try this hand this time? Is that okay? Sure. Okay, thanks. I'll come back and see you later. All right? Bye. Miss, I'd like a word. What's the matter, Doctor? You ran out of patients to restrain and perforate? Excuse me, that patient needed that medication. You needed a bedside manner. They teach that next semester? I happened to save that woman's life. Yeah? What's her name? Don't cheat. If you saved Cecilia's life, then you're responsible for it. We both are. Have a nice day, pal. Rock Radio Off It's about time. What the hell did you do? Cleaned. The boys upstairs, the communists, they helped me. How am I going to find anything? Dinner's ready. I made bigos. 100hitz - Alternative stew. Hurry up. Wash your hands so we can start to eat. Web Radio, I'm a grown man. I don't wash my hands unless I want to wash my hands. Chattering A footnote, ladies and gentlemen. In , the American labor movement took a big step backwards when Samuel Gompers pulled his people out of a meeting with the steelworkers because he didn't trust Big John O'Reilly. Web Radio Wrong. Excuse me, Gompers wasn't there. Gompers had flu. Half the damn country did. We walked because John Reilly was a son of a bitch. Please continue. This is fascinating. Sir, are you a historian? Why? You got an opening for one? Laughter Ah, you see, I was there at the time in the union hall on Forbes Avenue. That's how I know he had the flu. In ? Hell, I'm in the union since And today I can't get a job. Would you believe it? Why, they want younger. Sixtyfive. Fiftyfive, if you wanna know the truth. Let me ask you something. Tellin' a man he's too old to work, isn't that against the law? Yes, it is. There ya go. I need a good mouthpiece And a lady outside, a student, she recommended you. So, when you got a moment, I'll wait. What kind of job are you lookin' for? I'm a baker. But I don't want nothin' for nothin'. You find me a job, and I'll pay you bucks. Students Laughing You're doing much better. I feel like a nightmare is over and I've finally woken up. 100hitz - Alternative Keep that up, and we'll have to release you at the end of the week. Doctor, thank you. Thank you so much for everything. Hey, there. Dr. Music Radio. It's on your badge, pal. Hi, Cecilia. Hi. Look who I found. Scott? Oh! Oh! Oh! It's her son. He's been looking for her everywhere. Scott! Hey, need a ride? Woman So, basically, the 100hitz - Alternative decided it doesn't want anything to do with domestic programs. They'll spend plenty on the military, but nothing on social services. So the money for social services is supposed to trickle down from the private sector, which didn't want the responsibility to begin with.

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