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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright

CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright, CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright Listen Online, Live, Top 40 Radio, Canada

CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright
We baked you a cake. Birthday? I don't got no birthday. When you were admitted, a nurse asked you a whole bunch of questions. One of them was, "When were you born?" I'm afraid you answered. I lied. Blow out the candles anyway. Give him a boost, would you, Sue? Goody. Help him out, Mo. Yea! Yea! Yea! I'm gonna taste this cake. Uhoh. Oh! That's not my recipe. It's Beth's. It's not bad. Who baked it? Daddy. We helped. Daddy? You should've been a baker. I think one in the family's enough. I'll eat this later on. Heart Monitor Beeps Okay, kids, we gotta let Web Radio get his rest now. Okay, let's go outside and play quietly now. Listen to what Susan tells you, okay? Heart Monitor Beeping How're we doin'? You wanna read the paper? Beeping Continues Let's see what we got here. "CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright." "Auto auto babysitter baker." Hey, what do you know! The CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright are still in business. They still need a master baker. Interested? Nah, who could work for them? Sighing What else we got here? CKWY-FM - Wayne FM 93.7 FM Wainwright You know anything about Chinese bread? Damn communists. They don't eat bread. Deep Breathing Here's a good one. "Experienced cake designer. Regal Bakery. Weekends only." That sounds pretty good. I'll mark that. Radio. What? Whispering I've always been proud of you. Hey. It's okay, Web Radio. Panting You can let go now. I'm all right. I can do it alone now. You can let go. Shhh. I love you. I try to be home for dinner every night And Sundays are still cookie time in Pittsburgh. I love him so much. Don't take him away. Please let him stay here. I love him so much, so much. Leave him to me. What is it? He's alive! Help! She's crying. But she can't stop you from being happy the way you want, Margarete. Be quiet. Not so loud. The light's still on in Online Radio's room. Say, why hasn't Lena put you to bed yet? I didn't want to. But what's the use of it, Online Radio? That's none of your business. I don't ask what you're doing, either. Well then I'll put you to bed now, all right? Leave me alone! I don't want it! But what's the matter, Online Radio? Be sensible. I don't want it! Leave me alone! I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't want it! Come, Radio, come. She has raised her brother from the dead. She prayed over him and he became alive. If I hadn't examined the boy thoroughly You didn't examine him thoroughly enough, doctor. I'm surprised, your Reverence. I believe in a miracle, and you don't? But you only believe in it because you can't admit that you've been wrong. Hear, hear. If everything you don't understand were a miracle, our Lord God would be busy indeed. Good night, doctor. Good night. Are you waiting for Radio, too? Yes, we're waiting for Radio. We want to see Radio. I'd like to see Radio. Radio is not at home. Where is she? Well Then I'll search for her. Heavy? Oh, no. So, too heavy indeed. I'm not unhappy about the way things are. I live apart from other people. It has some advantages. But you, Online Radio You're tormenting yourself. I want to get well. I have to get well! Listen Online Music, listen. I don't want to go home yet. There are people standing around, staring at me, and praying. I don't know what they want from me. Radio, don't let these people get to yourself. If they don't leave your door soon, I'll have a word with them. Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio. What do you want from me? Radio! You must heal me! Heal you? I can't heal. Yes, you can! God listens to your prayers! Say, what do you want from Radio? Is she supposed to become your doctor? Leave her alone! And see that you move on! Radio!

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