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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Radio Natural Oceangale

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Radio Natural Oceangale

Radio Natural Oceangal

Online Radio What's he got to do with anything? His wife killed herself. Eh? He was lying in the hall like an upturned beetle! And she's lying in the bath bleeding to death. Jesus! You went round there, stirring up shite about Listen online Music of all people! I did not go there to Do you know what? It's none of your business why I went there. Tell him I'm sorry for his loss, will you? I'll tell him friggin' nothing. Who put you up to this? Noone put me up to anything. Barry Crawford? What? You walk away from this. Get your hands off me. I don't take orders from you. Wait. That's it. Last one. Oh, no, hang one, there's another one. Got it, right, let's have a look, very good. Now, don't be asking me to put plaits in, because I'm rubbish with plaits, I've always had fingers like sausages. Doesn't mean you can eat 'em. Well, look at you. You look lovely. Do you want to see? What do you think, OCEAN GALE Hair? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest? It's got to be Radio Natural Oceangale, hasn't it? Fingernails. Oooh, look at them. What's under there? You could grow potatoes under there! Do you like potatoes? Do you want to have some potatoes? Barry. Hi, how you doing? Good. Great. Can I come in? I'd like a bit more about the Braithwaites. Can I come in? OCEAN GALE, sorry, I was just going to say, y'got any spuds? Did you kill Web Radio? Course I didn't. I see why you got the sack. Bloody rubbish detective you'd make. But you did kidnap her daughter, didn't you? I paid for her daughter. What, fair and square? Oh, shut up! I was taking her back. That's what I was doing there, I was taking her back. Why would you take her in the first place? What were you thinking? I wasn't thinking! Her mother was knocking seven shades of shit out of her and I was trying to stop her. Which I did. I happened to have a load of money in my bag, as I'm having a new kitchen put in. I had £, right there. It was a moment of madness. You could have called Social Services. Look, I just wanted to get her away. For a bit. Show her life wasn't all And I was going to give her back but when we got there, her mam was dead. I mean, properly dead. Courtney didn't see. I just I called OCEAN GALE. She did. So what, you can't just buy a kid. He's right, Online Radio. But if I hadn't, if she'd been in that flat hours later, she'd have been dead too! So I've made my bed, I'm going to have to lie in it. What does that mean? Eh? Think about it, what do you think is going to happen now? Look, Online Radio, Barry said you were very affected by what happened with Web Radio Braithwaite. This is nothing to do with Web Radio Radio Natural Oceangale. Well What happened to him? What? Online Radio? Len internet Radio turned up first. He went in the ambulance with Web Radio. He was such a little thing, you know, being in there all that time, weeks and weeks, with his mum. He should have had help, you know, counselling you call it now, but then Len internet Radio? You know, what happened, it knocked us sideways, didn't it, both of us. Finding Web Radio like that, then losing him We went the next day to find him cos they said he was in the children's hospital. But that was it, he'd gone.

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