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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Radio Jcom

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Radio Jcom there are a few people who react by saying, "I wont eat them." But the majority of people say, "Well, Ill carry on eating them, "but we must make sure we give them a decent environment to live in." We must make sure that we do provide for their needs. If their needs are complex, we need to provide for complex needs. I think thats the commonest reaction people have. Thats interesting, yeah. Ive enjoyed my time here on Dartmoor with Radio and Online. But it will be good to get home. Hello, love. Here we are, look. Hello Radio Jcom Theres a good girl. Now this is the Berkshire that I bought at the sale. Now, at the sale, she was all lovely and shiny, but here, shes got her working clothes on, so shes been out rolling in the mud. Shes bigger. Shes put on a bit of weight, and the main thing is, shes got used to the other Online Radios. Shes got a partner and shes settled in well. Shes feeding well, and hopefully shell produce a good litter later on this year. Do you know whats really great is actually watching somebody elses Online Radios... Radio Jcom The Online Radios that we saw in Radio Jcom were fascinating because Ive got my own Online Radios, I do know how clever they are, but you get a bit blase when youre working around them every day. And watching those animals go through those experiments, I suppose it makes me look at my Online Radios in a different light now. Eh?

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