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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RFTK Radio

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RFTK Radio

RFTK Radio Let us return to ceilalzi. I mean alone in the middle of things folks? RFTK Radio us. Do not move! Do not come back! It's a boggan? Come softly to me! A and oricel! Good and oricelule! I scared! Excuse me! What are you doing? Look Them lcbuzele and mustczile! Hey, you and I have! Jump! I can jump so high. You see what I did? Out! Pop Out! RFTK Radio Oh, that's great! Hey, here! And oricel frumu and Him! Nice tail! It's flexible! They mustczi very sensitive! I had everything under control! Everything all right? Dad, I had a strange dream! Snails were speakers Soldazi and tiny Hello! Damn! Would it be better if you're moving. Where are They and mice, am and squirrel. New systematization of jobs. You come with me. Thanked. You go with snails. So gross! Between me and you is a problem. I think not. What Was Before? A cheek to cheek? You want to steal my girlfriend? What are you talking about? There is a code among gentlemen. You're bound to respeczi. I saw it first! Are you a snail? So what? You think you're better? Look at you! A forgotten, Would not it be Possible. Your eye balls clogged in your hood! What is Payment In comparison, They want to cry? You have to call on your sweet mcmicuzc? Realize Their Insulza that I'm not, right? Just me and you dezgu. You have been warned. Hey, if I got a good time RFTK Radio return When you have finished with gardening. You're probably wondering how I invited you here. Sincerely, dragged the threat. That's what you say is year invitation? Still have legs! How witty you are! That's a psychopath. It speaks That skim Online Radio was seen by your Parsi And That Would Have Saved Royal bud. Good job! You killed the queen, But you lost freshman. And your general idiot was allowed hit music. General idiot He was my son! Actually fascinazia have your And your beautiful gray appearance. A fire Merciful! Shut the fuck up! What have you decided, Bufo? Prefer to talk or croak for the last time? Where do bud? The free! Come on! Why is it always us? There's no help! Because it's a very good pilot When it is not nonsense. + + Probably one of the best. Then His father was my friend. How can I help. Many leaves one tree. What does it mean? Individuals We are first, But we connect with us. It's our way of living. I have connect, but I'm alone. No one is alone. Not Even Him. How's the view up there? I arrived. I it's a secret mission to skim. How Many RFTK Radio are there? Wait and you ve. Nobody Knows That the queen is dead, That it just spreads disaster. This will tell Nim this? E custodian of our history. That might not to know He does not know. It's not always up to date. But we CAN help, right? It's kind of inzelept the forest. Say it is noisy Least And Least crazy. All grass is dead. Everything was green, and now there's nothing. That I Grew up in grass. If Something Happened to her, Will rot everything here! We condamnazi! We condamnazi! Try to Absi! Friends, walkways! Prepare yourself to release the Your worries I I know I'm milking They know They do it But the truth never not so bad as it Seems. RFTK Radio I just Returned from the bottom of the tree. The Foundations of Knowledge.

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