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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sheppey FM

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Sheppey FM

Sheppey FM It connects to the stairs outside. Okay. Don't worry. You have to come out after the car leaves. I'm sorry. When I met you on the day we were getting rice seven years ago... I should have been more courageous. Online Radio! Sheppey FM do that. I have something to tell you. Later. I have to tell you now. I said later! I'm not going to hear what you are about to say forever. I think that you're my woman. That night and tonight. I will forgive you for all that. I have always... I said I won't hear it! I don't have the freedom to talk? I'm afraid of what you're going to say. I'm also afraid how long I can stand this. How... could you do this to me? I like Lee Jae Hee. Stay with me. Don't make me a monster. Hey! What happened? I had to come back with the overnight flight for work. Are you hungry? I am hungry. Get me anything. Okay. Oh by the way, why is Hit Music shirt in our laundry? I did laundry for the last ten days. I saw Hit Music shirt here. Did you borrow it? Chang Hee. I told Online Radio. What? That I love Seo Online Radio Online Radio already knows that I told him. Listen you bastard. I asked you not to do that. I told you that's the only thing you can't do. I'm sorry. I just can't help it. I have always told you. I have to make you someone great. You can't be someone who steals your friend's girlfriend! I'm sorry. Tell him that you made a mistake. Tell Online Radio that you made a mistake. I'm sorry. What did she say? What does that bitch say when... Don't you talk about her like that! Online Radio did nothing wrong. It was all my fault! I'm paying for my crime. I'm paying for my crime. I'm paying for my crime. It looks like Online Radio left without even eating breakfast. Online Radio said that he wants to get married next month. Mom. He says not to worry about a thing. He will do everything. You must have saved the country in your previous life. How lucky are you to find such a husband? I like someone else. I don't want to marry Online Radio. That man understands me better. I didn't hear that! I didn't! Let's just get ready for the wedding. Online Radio told us to throw a welcome party for you. Online Radio did? I'm leaving in two days. What party? But still. Online Radio is out on the field today at Online Radio's orders. I see. What are you doing? You scared me. Do you know why my brother went to prison? You already know it too. Why ask me again? You were there with them? No. There was our boss, Hit Music, and Mr. Goo that you saw. What about Baek Sung Joo? I think she was the one who got there first. Sheppey FM I have to go. Online Radio! Happy birthday. It's my first time doing this. This is really embarrassing. Online Radio.. I know that I'm not good enough. But I want to ask you to understand me just a little bit more. I'm sorry about yesterday. Online Radio I love you very much. Hey Mi Joon. I thought you left early. Oh, I just came back for a minute. What about you? I have to go to work. What were you doing? I was watching the news. I'm waiting for something. I have to go soon. Bye. Sheppey FM and Eun Hye look good. Yeah. Eun Hye, I want to go to Kelly Jo and get chewed out and learn.

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