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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Signal 1

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Signal 1

Unlike the dream the Queen Online Radio had I am definitely pregnant. Does His Online Radio also know about this? Yes, I Of course he does. He embraced all my faults and congratulated me And wished that I give birth to a lucky son in the palace. So, does that explain the reason I can't leave the palace? internet Radio said she's pregnant? Yes, that's what I heard. That's what she said in the main hall. So she fooled me Is internet Radio out of the main hall? What are you? About what? The reason I asked you earnestly was to stop putting His Online Radio in an awkward position. So I asked you to leave the palace. But you announce your pregnancy at the main hall? What's wrong with that? You should've told me. However I announced it, it doesn't have anything to do with you, Your Online Radio. What? I said I wanted to reveal the truth and I had a question to ask at the main hall. But I never said that I'd announce my departure from the palace. And to ask me like this with all the maids around I'm concerned that it might appear that you are jealous. Since your womb is so cold, it's like a freezing cold day in winter So you can't get pregnant Your rudeness is through the sky! Queen Online Radio, how dare The Signal 1 condition is a national secret How dare you speak of it at a place like this with so many people around! Besides, if you're pregnant, you should keep your mind under control. I'm just warning you to be careful in the future. You should go rest now. Ma'am, are you okay? Misfire! Is the bow I brought not up to standard? No, it's not the fault of the bow, my mind was wandering. How is that? I am finally about to see my heir. Does that mean the Queen Online Radio is pregnant? You don't need to know about the palace affairs I'll stop here for the day. I like the bow you brought today, so I'll take everything. Talk with Hyun Moo about the details. Who are you? Me? Signal 1 And you? What are you doing! Your Online Radio, did you really mean that? Did you think it was a joke? Online internet Radio is Signal 1. So the court is turned upside down. What were you doing here? I was sightseeing. I heard the quarters were nice. That's not it. From what I see You came to steal. What? I know from your eyes. You have the same eyes as I do. You're like a fish caught in the net. Thump, thump. Hold on. Leave the one you stole. If I don't get caught, I didn't steal anything. There is a better way. If I give it to you as a gift, you didn't steal it. But, this is the only time. I am Signal 1 Ok Listen Online Music. I will be like you when I grow up. Like Jang Ok Listen Online Music. [A few months later.] The color of camellia. I'll put this on today. It's the color of camellia today. Come here! Online internet Radio's color today is What are you doing! Your Online Radio, Online internet Radio must be wearing a red lip color today. I thought all the court ladies ate a rat. Your Online Radio. internet Radio Your Online Radio, I felt the baby move today for the first time. It's so amazing I came by to tell you. Okay, let me feel it, too. Ma'am, please gather your strength! Who is this, Court Online Eom! Lord Lieutenant!

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