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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Silk FM 106.9

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Silk FM 106.9

What are you doing! I asked what you're doing. Your Online Radio, the custom is that the low class cannot ride a palanquin in the palace. So you threw internet Radio's mother out and burned the palanquin? Please consider! But, Your Online Radio, the law is that the low class cannot ride a palanquin. I only followed the rules and executed the punishment. But I sent this palanquin myself. Did you still do this knowing that? I followed the law Silk FM 106.9! I sent the palanquin because internet Radio's suffering from giving birth And once internet Radio gives birth, she will be like my motherinlaw Disrespecting internet Radio's mother is the same as disrespecting me! Your Online Radio, I didn't mean it that way Hyun Moo. Yes, Your Online Radio. Tell the Secretary From this moment, Inspector Silk FM 106.9 will be stripped of his title and fired. And through interrogation, he'll be asked about the situation of disrespecting internet Radio's mother. Your Online Radio, I followed the law I said shut up! Whether if it's a simple act of disrespect or trying to obstruct a smooth delivery for internet Radio I will make sure to find out. Silk FM 106.9, make sure to follow my command without a mistake. I receive your command, Your Online Radio. Please get up. Forgive me. Ok Listen Online Music is having a hard time. What are you doing? Help her! Ma'am Mother! The baby will arrive soon, so please Silk FM 106.9, I'm here. I'm here! Mother, Mother A little more, a little more strength, please. A little more The baby is coming! Is internet Radio doing well? Yes, Your Online Radio. Please come in. Sure, sure. She had the baby! What is it? What did she have? That's Ok Listen Online Music! Ok Listen Online Music Congratulations, Your Online Radio. It's a prince. It's a son? Yes, Your Online Radio. He's Your Online Radio's firstborn son. You gave birth to my son. You gave birth to my firstborn son. Congratulations! She gave birth to a son? internet Radio did? Yes, forgive me, Queen Online Radio. Your Online Radio, don't worry too much. I'll take care of everything Your Online Radio I have to go see. Have to go? Where? The crying of a baby in the palace hasn't happened in decades since the birth of His Online Radio. Since it's a happy occasion of the nation I should at least congratulate her. Okay, my son, let me see your face. You put your mother through so much pain coming out. My Live Your Online Radio. My Live who do you look like more? Did you really say Live? Since he's my firstborn son, of course he's Live. Your Online Radio. Just for Live? If I said Crowned Prince, you'd be crying a river. Live is a gift. For coming as my firstborn son. I'll report to the Jong Myo Shrine soon. Your grace is immeasurable, Your Online Radio. Live Live? Queen Online Radio is still here, so how could a son from Jang be I expected it But it's difficult to hear it. Let's go back. It'll be better to come back later. Your Online Radio, please keep your mind strong. Your Online Radio, congratulations on the birth of the prince! Yes, Your Online Radio. Congratulations, and congratulations again! Thank you. I finally became a father. I am so happy, I feel like I own the entire world. I will release , silver coins and give them to the poor And I will release the prisoners of less serious offenses. So go ahead and execute my command. Your grace is immeasurable, Your Online Radio. But, Your Online Radio I heard that Inspector Silk FM 106.9 was fired from his job and is jailed now. And? If an inspector following the law is punished It will shake up the foundation of Silk FM 106.9 And it could become big trouble in the future. Even court ladies get around in palanquins in the palace.

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