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Monday, July 8, 2013

Stray FM

Stray FM, Stray FM Listen Online, Stray FM Live, Adult Contemporary Radio, UK

Stray FM

And you are The smart one. That's what I think anyway. How you been? Doing all right. How about you? All right. Hanging in. what do you call that? / am spartacus. Ha ha ha! You wanna lay it down? Nah. I was just Goofing around. Hey, my man. Hey, del! What's your name again? Guy uh, Guy patterson. Guy. Yeah, That's right. Hey, you're good. Oh, you heard that? Swing. Thank you. Uh, can I jam With you a bit? You want to jam With me? Why not? Sure. Sure. All right. What are you Doing here? Recording some tracks in studio c With willy walker. Willy walker? Can he jam With us, too? Nah, let's keep This a duet. Let's play that spartacus again. Hey, ernie Roll tape on this. You got it, del. Go ahead. Count it off. . Hey! Yeah. I'll talk To you later. Hey, hey, hey. Louder! to from here, demon! Gamesing bitch. Honey? Flash Games I think it's good. Or maybe not. Thiele I tell you, do not tell me too. I say we get outta hell out of here. I'll take the blame. Good. Hey, what are you doing? NIGHT August , Hey. Hey. You know what? Slow down there, young squire. Life is long. I got to check out. Oh, you're leaving us Today, too, huh? Stray FM Yeah, well, that Partner of yours The one with all The attitude? He left here hours ago. And your little fifi Is about to vamoose as well. Wait, fifiyou mean faye. Is she still here? Yeah. She's sitting there In the coffee shop. At the counter. Alone. Now, where I come from, That just ain't right. Take that. lamarr here. Yes, sir. Blue impala. Absolutely. Uhhuh. Thank you, sir. Hey, hey, hey! Now, that ain't your job. Del says I got the chops to make it As a drummer in l.a. Oh. So I think I'm gonna Stray FM Give it a try. Really? So, you'reyou're gonna be A permanent west coaster? Yeah, it looks That way. Wow. So, what are you Gonna do? Hmm I'm gonna Go back to erie. Figured that's What you'd say. Guy Can I ask you A question? Shoot. Were you in love In erie? You know, I thought so. With that Online Music woman? She wasn't right For you. Was she A good kisser? Yeah. Yeah? It would be ungentlemanly For me to elaborate. Gentlemen İ forgot what you Fellas looked like. Well, sir If you ever Come back to erie, Please stop by And see me. Right. We'll listen To records. That'd be nice. And here's goodbye. You know that none Of this would have happened If you hadn't Joined the band. And I mean that In a good way. Stray FM So, young squire

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