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Sunday, July 21, 2013

TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT)

TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT), TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT) Live, World Asia Radio, UK

TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT)

TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT) People are always saying things to me like, "You're just like a normal person. " And I always say, "Of course!" All right! We might be a little more worldwise, you know, than some of those kids, that's all. We just maybe have less innocence than they do, but, I mean, I eat, I sleep, I fall in love, I fall out of love, I work. You know, I do pretty much the same thing. You got your demons and you got desires But I got a few of my own Oooh someone to be kind to In between the dark and the light Oooh coming right behind you Swear I'm Online Radio find you one of these nights! We saw a poster of us when On the Border was made. Everybody looked like little kids, you know, like, early s and stuff. And everybody didn't have their wrinkles and baggy eyes. Sort of like a president when he first takes office. THEY LAUGH And then, like four or five years later, you know, he just walks out, and his hair is grey, and his eyes are drooping, and he's just really, you know, real burned. Spent the last year Rocky Mountain way Couldn't get much higher! The first thing that happens is you get some kind of label, then you've got to live up to it, and then you just get caught in that, and I forget what the second thing is! TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT) You know I've always been a dreamer Spend my life running round And it's so hard to change It's hard. It's like living two lives. You know, I have a family, three kids. And it's just hard to live in between that line, you know, of being out on the road and being away for a month. Keep on turning out and burning out And turning out the saaame So put me on a highway And show me a sign And take it to the limit One more time. Maybe we wouldn't want to do this any more, or maybe we can't do this any more, or maybe nobody will give a Radios if we do this any more. Take it to the limit One more tiiime. Thank you. TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT) No, I insist. You first. Hi, there. Lock it up. A hearty bunch out there. Oh, he's not even here. Now lock it up. Hey, driver, lock 'em up for us tonight, ok? Out of sight. You just don't know what those kids will do. Online Radio How about a beer? Is that what I heard? You got it, brother. Don't hurt yourself, young America. Would you like one? Yeah, I would like one. I'm Online Radio drink tonight. I think they feel like they're up there, you know, like they're on the stage. Cos we look like them. We dress like them. Part of it is that, and part of it's the records. I think they just relate to the songs. I think it's , I guess. The thing is now is to try to see how long we can stay up here at the top of the mountain. It's very narrow and windy up here. We can probably continue doing what we're doing as long as the songs keep coming. That's the only thing that frightens us, is to not be able to do that any more. If we go to the well and nothing comes up, we would be in trouble. So far, so good. I think we can maintain this for a few more years. I don't see why not. Other people have. The Rolling Stones and the Who and the Led... and Led Zeppelin. I almost said THE Led Zeppelin!.. Have done it. Chicago's done it. Groups last longer than they used to, TeluguOne Radio TORi - UK (GMT) you know? Radios don't float.

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