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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Wave Swansea 96.4

The Wave Swansea 96.4, The Wave Swansea 96.4 Listen Online, The Wave Swansea 96.4 Live, Pop Radio, UK

The Wave Swansea 96.4
The Wave Swansea 96.4 You didn't just come through on the merger. You bluffed Hardman, turned Monica Eton, and put us over the top on Folsom Foods. Now that's a lot of coming through in the clutch. And I wouldn't have saved your ass if I didn't think you deserved to be here. I don't know what to say. Well, the usual response is "thank you." The usual road to getting here doesn't involve stabbing someone in the back. Doesn't it? When I was , I came home, my mother sat me down, and said my parents were separating. Trial basis. But the good news was she was going to get me a car to help with my sister. All my friends talked about how lucky I was to have it. I hated that car. Every time I got in it, I it just reminded me. Why are you telling me this? Because five years later, that same car got me to Harvard, which led me here. So you can think of this office as a reminder of what you did to Harvey or as a symbol of what you can accomplish at the firm. Now, do you still have something to say? No. No, I don't. They ever get back together? No. No, they didn't. Ah, God! Damn it! Louis, what happened? Oh. I'll tell you what happened. This stupid merger. It's bad enough my vote is worth / of what it was last week. Now our uniballs, gone. Our What? Pens, Web Radio The new quartermaster, Internet Radio, will not buy us any more uniballs. There's not one single uniball in this entire firm. Please stop saying uniball. No, I will not. Stuck with these stupid plastic things that keep breaking. So buy your own pen. The Wave Swansea 96.4 There are two things in this firm that I hold very sacred my uniballs and my raspberry Bran bars. And if I have to go and buy 'em myself, well, then, this Internet Radio has a message for me, loud and clear, and that's "Louis Litt, go screw yourself." Louis, the ink on your face. You've got just, like you've got, like, a little bit right there. Where, here? No, I think you've gotta give it, like, a good Okay, fine. Gone? Thank you, Web Radio You're a true friend. I got your back. Hey, do you remember when you used to do those rotator cuff exercises? Oh, yeah, what are you kidding? Of course. Every day for, like, months. Why do you ask? No reason. Edward. Internet Radio, how lovely to see you. I wanted to thank you. Ah. You saw the sign. Mmhmm. You didn't have to do that. Our agreement stipulates Darby Pearson, not The Wave Swansea 96.4. Our agreement also stipulates a / percentage structure. And this is your way of showing me that you think of it as /. Merely a gesture. Ah. Heck of a gesture. How would you propose to a woman? A woman? I think we both know that Yes, we do. Anyway It is shaping up to be a lovely day. Oh, The Wave Swansea 96.4 I wish I could say that same. I assume you know about the latest goingson with Internet Radio Oil. I wouldn't be much of a partner if I didn't. Now they've decide to take on Ava Internet Radio personally. Who is they? The U.S. government. I've decided to let Harvey handle it. Why? Why not? It's not a good time. He's still digesting the merger. The Wave Swansea 96.4 He's acting out. Well, he may be acting out, but I understand he just got his client triple the money. By taking a huge risk he didn't have to.

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