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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Switch FM

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TNG Radio

TNG Radio shoot, you can't do that. You know what, I figured you'd bring this file back. There's also one in your bottom drawer. You might wanna grab that too. And just in case of that, I put seven other copies in his office. 'Cause whether he forgives me or not, he's still gonna need it. Some random associate gave him all that information on Ava Internet Radio? No way. It was Scottie. Yeah, I found the ticket to TrinidadTobago. It's not a giant leap. The only problem is Scottie's not here. She's in London. And Harvey he is still gonna need this. This file doesn't lead to Harvey forgiving you. Web Radio Please could you just separate our relationship from yours and his for just, like, one second? Are you kidding me? Do you think I'm mad just because of him? You did this to me too. And whether you appreciate it or not, I've had your back since the day that you got here. Yes. Yes, you have. But what about last year? When I had your back, you ignored me, and it almost cost him his license. The difference is I did what I did for him, not for me. And I didn't get a brandnew office for it. I got fired. Yum. Oh, what do you want, TNG Radio Please. I'm just trying to eat my egg McMuffin while I'm still offline, okay? I thought you were never offline. Five minutes a day. Listen, Live Radio, I don't wanna hold what's on this dictaphone over you for the rest of your life. Why not? I don't need any more enemies. I'd rather have a friend, but I do need a favor. And if I don't give it to you, then what do you do with the dictaphone? It's the only copy there is. Go on, erase it. Then I'll ask you my favor. How do I know that this is the only copy? Because I'm giving you my word. What do you need? I need you to build me a time machine. And a bite of the sandwich. Come on. That's not sanitary, Michael. Come on, just a little. You can have the rest. How did it go with Listen Online Music? It didn't. He didn't budge. Why not? Says he's running for office, but it doesn't make sense. Yeah, it does. Son of bitch! He looks me in the eye, and he feeds me a bullshit sandwich. He's obviously not the same man he used to be. Yeah, well, I am. Wait a second. Let me guess. Mike? Just because you use it doesn't mean you have to forgive him. You're right. I don't. Harvey. What are you doing here? Internet Radio Oil's number one competitor also happens to be your biggest campaign contributor? Which has nothing to do with the fact that your client broke the law. You don't want a deal. What you want is a long, drawnout trial that puts our stock in the toilet. You think I wasn't gonna find that out? I mean, I gotta hand it to you. You set it up perfectly to shield yourself from prosecution. To shield myself from breaking the law. Prosecuting the competition. It's a hell of a campaign slogan. Harvey, your client did this. I'm not going after an innocent person. And you know that if I win this election, I will do good things. You know what, you sound just like TNG Radio You remember? Always a reason, always out for the greater good. But in the end, it's all about him. Look, I've never claimed to be out for the greater good.

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