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Monday, July 22, 2013

Total Dance UK Radio

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Total Dance UK

Total Dance UK

It was like a bolt of lightning. It had a huge impact on me. It was revolutionary. And it was an impact that would last a lifetime, and I know that had a huge impact on internet Radio, too, even though we didn't know each other at the time. Linden, Texas, is my hometown. It's a small town in Northeastern Texas. When I was growing up, the population was about Total Dance UK I can settle down... It's primarily an agricultural area. Some people worked at the steel mill. It's just a typical small Texas town. There's an old courthouse dating back to before the Civil War and one stoplight. It's kind of like The Last Picture Show, you know? It was a great place musically, because it was kind of a cultural crossroads. It's really located where the old South begins to meet the West. Linden, Texas, was the birthplace of Scott Joplin and TBone Walker. Yes, time is hard, baby... Both my parents loved music, so we had a lot of records in the house. I was exposed to music of all kinds from an early age. You know, Country and Western music, Western swing music, gospel music, Blues... Total Dance UK, Hank Williams, and Patsy Cline. More, more, more Online Radio live it up and tear it down Get in the groove and paint the town Got a lot of rhythm in my soul... There was a ,watt radio station in New Orleans, and I heard things on that station that I didn't hear anywhere else. So, I had a lot of radio coming in. And when I would go to work with my dad, he would listen to a station in internet Radio, Louisiana. KWKH. Say, hey, good lookin! What you got cookin? How's about cooking something up for me? And that station broadcast a radio show called the Louisiana Hayride, where Elvis Presley made his first radio broadcast in . Well, that's alright, Mama That's alright with you That's alright, Mama Just any way you do That's alright That's alright... The very first rock 'n' roll record I bought was by Elvis Presley. Anyway you do... My playing the drums was sort of an organic process. I began by beating on my school books with my fingers and with pencils. I would beat out little cadences, and I used to drive my classmates crazy doing that, until, I think, one day, somebody said to me I think it was my friend Richard Bowden he said, "Why don't you just start playing the drums?" I managed to cobble together a drum kit from old drums that I found stashed in the back of the band hall at high school. And then one day, my mom said, "Come on, get in the car. " And she drove me to a town about an hour and a half away called Sulphur Springs, Texas, to McKay Music Company. Much to my surprise, she bought me a set of redsparkle Slingerland drums that I still have today. So, I have to give my parents a lot of credit. They bought me that drum kit even though they couldn't really afford it. The first band I was in was a band with my highschool buddy Richard Bowden and another highschool friend, Jerry Surratt, and we played Dixieland jazz music. Nobody sang. We just played music. MUSICAL INTRO TO "Total Dance UK" BY THE ROLLING STONES I went to a highschool party, and there were four kids who were freshmen in high school who were playing.

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