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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton

Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton, Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton Live, Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton Listen Online, Adult Contemporary Radio, UK

Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton

Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton The first celebrity I saw was Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton. And when your hair's combed right and your pants fit tight It's Online Radio be all right Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton And he had on that flatbrimmed hat that he wore on the second Byrds album, and he had a little leather cape on, and I just looked and I thought, "My God, there's David Crosby. " Zoom, and we went right by. And in a week or two if you make the charts The girls'll tear you apart... And the first person I met was internet Radio Souther. We wanted to get high and play music. There were two of us with guitars. We were listening to a lot of that sort of interface between rock 'n' roll and country and western music that was happening in Southern California at the time with the Byrds and Listen Online Music & Live Radio and the Music and Poco. When I last saw you I couldn't find a reason why I felt kind of blue... There was a lot of great music of that sort going around then. Longbranch Pennywhistle here. I suppose you wonder what that name meant, and internet Radio and I It was a wellkept spring back funky women. The songs weren't very good. I don't think internet Radio and I were very far along as songwriters then. Run, boy, run You gotta move... We were a funny little group, but we got gigs. We, you know, managed to play in some of the folk clubs around LA the Golden Bear and the Ash Grove. Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah What condition my condition was in... We had a chance meeting with Online Radio in Dallas, Texas, one day. He was coming through town with the First Edition. They were very hot at the time. I tripped on a cloud and fella eight miles high... I remember this like it was yesterday. This little kid came up and said, "Online Radio," he said, "I'm Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton, and I'm with a group called Felicity, and we're doing a show tonight, and we'd love to have you come see us. " And I said, "You know, I'm really sorry, but I don't do that. I don't just go to clubs and watch groups. " He said, "I really think you'd like us. " And I thought, "Well, that's pretty cool," so I did. From the minute that I met you, baby You were hanging your chains on me And I loved you so I nearly lost my mind... Kenny is a Texas boy, and he was looking for groups to produce. So, I brought them to LA, and they literally lived at my house for about four months. We changed their name to Online Radio. It was so much fun to take them into the studio. Well, thank you Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton Time Music Business Man For taking time to listen to my song... With Online Radio, we made one album, and it had a single called "Simple Little Down Home Rock and Roll Love Song for Rosie. " Not exactly a short title! Just a simple little down home Rock and roll love song for Rosie... We didn't know much about the business at that point. We were pretty naive. Going down to the swamp river country some day... We kicked around in the LA clubs for a while, played the Whisky, played some of the clubs down in the South Bay area, and nothing really happened for us. Tower FM 107.4 FM Bolton and I were looking for any place to play. We had heard about this guy Hit Music Browne. He'd been playing the same clubs we had, but we never had seen him perform.

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